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  • Well, I think our only chance of meeting up is Cstone. I'll be working at my sister's ranch / home for foster children with FASD, for the summer, probably also volunteering with a nearby Transition Town activist group for work experience. I'm hoping to go west to Vancouver for a few days with a friend before I work, though. That would be around the last week of April. Maybe ride east toward Toronto the week before c-stone to visit some friends and then get a ride to the fest. Less adventure this summer, since I'm saving to finish school and go do some work overseas.
    but Cornerstone isn't till July... but yeah, by all means, if you're out here in May you could deff stay here!
    sounds awesome, I love the northwest. I'm not on the road yet. Heading out in a couple months once I finish up school. I live in New York right now.
    Yes! I might well be in Winnipeg, smack-dab in the middle of Canada, for most of the summer. Do let me know if/once you step into Canada, and feel free to ask me (and others) for infos. It's pretty low-key, low-heat here compared to much of the US.
    Aahhhhh....Yeah, I've not been around much. Busy in school, trying to think about now instead of summer...I was thinking about you and Beth the other day. I sure hope we can meet up again somewhere. I just might be working in BC this summer, so that could make things easier -- I go south or you come north. I'm thinking of going to Cornerstone too. You should think about it too. How's school and the infoshop comin' along?

    Oh, and now that I htin kabout it, i totally should have sent you my yearly epic christmas card. i'll try to upload it and send it to your email sometime.
    (You are a dorky porky)
    -Our pie rules.-
    Nah, instead of going out and partying I'm watching Pokemon Forever, it sounded like a better plan.
    Ha, we had none here. Also I might be arriving back home a little later than planned, I think I'm going to end up doing a short medical study in Austin. I figured I might as well while I'm out here, but I won't know forsure till tomorrow. I hope you guys had fun.
    A lot actually.. The van trip I was on went to UTTER SHIT and I ended up stranded and unequipped for sleeping outdoors in the fall, so I bought my own fucking van for 400 bucks. I picked up a short term job going door-to-door to pay for the few repairs that need to be made on it. Sooo I'm stuck in Portland for a bit, and after this, I don't even. @[email protected]
    I would love to make it out. It's not feasible for me though. you dont even know how much i want to go
    I do~ I've been cookin with FnB every Sunday too. That sounds awesome, I definitely will come by~
    Actually I'll be in Portland for folklife, unfortunately..

    I did end up going today and helping out with passing out food and cleaning up, and everyone was super cool. I'll go back to help out some more soon, and maybe when I'm back from Ptown I can do some cookin'.
    Hey man, I have to do work this afternoon and can't make it downtown at 2, but I can probably be there anytime after 4ish. So if you could use any help with cooking or serving after that, I'm down.
    my user names mikespringer
    im not active at all .I just cruse.
    maybe a should go to the conference this year.
    it came today!! thanks man, appreciate it a bunch, gonna send you a pm about it too.. Thanks again!
    ya. im a member on there. Was gonna go down to JR conference but wasn't able too. maybe this year.
    where you from?
    yo. i've been meaning to read a book going by the same title as your name. I cant get a hold of it though. Its not very often you find christian anarchists(if your not at cornerstone). I dont know exactly where to placemyself right now. TO get down to the grit I would say Anarchist agnostic Christ follower. if that makes any sense. where you from?
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