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  • Pictures and traveling stories can be found at - right now im in Baltimore, and round the NE coast. lets hang
    Yo! Haha I actually do know kirsten she's my gfs good friend ha! I'm on my way back to oxnard from fucklife and she's gona be picking me an my gf up at the bus stop. What a trip. Idk if she's got a profile on here but Ill pass her ur info let her know ur tryin to get in contact an all man
    I dont know any one like that personally, sorry. I know OF some one that fits the description, Is she pretty tall??

    I am on my way home from a short trip up to Seattle. I remembered that you lived in the area and was going to hit you up, the the entire trip was one gigantic mess, and never got around to contacting you.
    Hope you are doing well!
    I'm jammed up in Medicine Hat, Alberta, for the second time, getting out at whatever the cost tonight. Headed back home. We missed you, I guess. See you at cstone.
    well, a bit of here and there, i came back to florida for a while to help my crazy aunt amos out on the farm and take care of some people and things that have been deprived of my attention for far to long. went almost crazy like five times travel sick but its always is worth it to slow it down every now and then. im putting on a mayday tallbike joust and huffy toss thing in tallanasty and then im back truvlin. im going to chaos in tejas and probably the national gathering (half really stoked and half self-digusted on that one) tenessee for white watering ectectect. it will be good to not be fucking busy for a while. where you offto this summer?
    how are you and the upstanding youth of seattle these days? have you got the community center off the ground??

    with love-
    im going to be in school over the summer but if im able to im going to come down for the fest. I really dont know for sure though yet
    hey man, i just saw your message. i would love to meet up before cornerstone, but i think ill probably be on tour out west then. my band is playing cornerstone though, so we should meet up there if not before. i will let you know whats going on for sure when it comes closer.
    I get outta school at the beginning of May, then im driving out to Colorado with a friend and staying with her for about 2 weeks probably, then heading back over here. We haven't worked out details yet, but Im good friends with Seth (WithTeethExposed) and we're planning on travelling together in June and making our way out to Cornerstone by way of driving. He might be on tour with his band in june though. So if not ill probably just be hanging out in NY during June, and I could deff put you up if you want. We've got plenty of room at my place, and my parents are really awesome and love to have pretty much anyone stay with us whenever. And I think i might be driving out to Cstone from here, so if you want you could ride out with me. I have to figure out whats going with Seth and touring though, then ill let you know
    If I get to Vancouver, BC, would you be up for meeting up there?
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