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    You like to disappear on me... I waited nearly 6 months before... how long is it gonna be this time? Why did you take off only to carry my name in your mouth and talk about love? Shouldn't have left me ya turd! I dont know where you are or if your with you know who or what the fuck is going on with you ever. But you know where the fuck I am....
    im sorry. I didn't mean it. please undo it.
    Please gonna show up & wait. For however long it takes
    Yeah for sure, I hear really good things about Nola, seems like everyones going there. I gotta see what all the fuss is about.
    In stl and then chicago for a bit. Came back here to resolve family problems but one thing led to another and I ended up with a full time job after gettin mugged at gunpoint and then gettin arrested for walking home drunk and carrying a knife on me. tryin to resolve that asap and then get on the road again
    cool. i went to the beechalnd ballroom a few weeks ago to see the creepshow. but thats pretty much it. haha
    thats cool. lately, i have been reading alot. haha. and walking my dog. i dont have much of a life. : / what do you do in your spare time?
    aww. haha. yeah, berea is boring but better than parma. : ) idk. so r u going to travel anytime soon or r u just chillin in parma?
    Alright, do yah know how you're getting down there? I'm still trying to work that out, I don't have much money. Maybe $50 tops.
    hmmm. i think its more of a forced thing. : / haha. everybody just wants me to have a "secure" future, ya know? idk. its understandable. i really dont want to go to college though, its too expensive and i dont feel like its the right thing for me to do. so, hows parma?
    hey are you comming with scuz you guys should leave tomarrow i wont have a computer after im done today
    So dude I just bailed outta where I was stayin last night and I'm meeting Logan (BlackOut) in San antonio but I'm lookin for a way there, maybe tryin to hitch. When will yah be ready to go?
    well, i would really like to travel to the oregon area or seattle : )
    idk how that is going to go though, cause im expected to go to college and all that shit. haha
    Yeah I think he talked about heading up here real quick to meet up with me and we were gonna maybe just crash for a bit and head out. I'm kinda getting rushed for time cause I just got my uppser sleeve tattoo and my parents are probably gonna kick me out when they find out, so I'm gonna tyr to graduate early or figure something out, yah know?
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