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    Rubber tramping in Phoenix?

    Never been to Arizona. Sick of the cold, Phoenix or Tucson? Anybody with any experience tramping thru these parts?
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    How do I delete my account?

    Title says it all
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    So we’re stuck in Oklahoma. Our Explorer is in the shitter and needs $800 worth of repairs plus the $700 we already put in that shit shoe. We keep the Explorer for sleeping space which is very helpful traveling with our two furry kiddos. BUT winter is almost passed and we need to get the fuck...
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    Predictable introduction here!

    No idea where to.... worried a plan might ruin everything!
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    Predictable introduction here!

    thank u so much he says hello!
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    Predictable introduction here!

    departing from my home state in my unreliable Ford Explorer (that I scored for FREE) finally since I was old enough to hold a map. bought a ‘75 club wagon, it turned into a paper weight poor thing. seeking destination, well not really seeking journey and big trees I guess. anyways if u see a...
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    Book recommendations

    Did you not like the guy?
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    Book recommendations

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    what are some Scams to get FREE Clothing/Alternatives to clothing everyday

    I worked at Goodwill and there is a policy there that even if u know the person is stealing ur not allowed to say anything to them unless u see them directly take it. One guy came in and walked out with a hat I had just processed on his head. Can’t say shit about it

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