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    Seeking Ride Could use a lift..

    Needing a ride from mo to Utah any distance would be helpful. Thanks 👊
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    Whats up yall. Looking to head out the east coast

    I'm Missouri headed northwest, on my own been that way for almost 2 years. Getting pretty lonely doing it by myself. So, if you're still looking to hit the road, hit me up!
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    Ride Offered Grand Junction, CO - Winnemucca, NV

    A simple no would have sufficed...smh
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    Ride Offered Grand Junction, CO - Winnemucca, NV

    Going through Missouri by chance?
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    So I guess I'm shopping for a roaddog lol

    Morning 🌞! So, I feel your pain. Finding the right one to click with is hard, been on the hunt for sometime now. So I must say that you have an interesting plan put together there...well I'm not an addict and I'm in the Midwest looking for an adventurer. 420 friendly, that's it. And a sucker for...
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    Guerilla wilderness community

    I am very interested and what you have put together I am very very knowledgeable in woodsman Bush living I have very very many skills that could be put to use I have been looking for a person or community that I could find that could help cater to that type of lifestyle that I am looking for...
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    Ride Offered Need a ride / road dog in the Northeast?

    Sounds fun! I'm a free wandering nomad, I just go where my heart takes me. Been on the road 20 months and have no regrets! I'm on foot and ha e been since day one other then one train hopping experience. Anyways, hit me up!
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    Drifter across the US

    Well I can say that you are wrong my friend, I live for nothing but living free, I've even on the road 20 months, camping, hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, even took a bath in a hot spring butt naked! LMAO. Anyways, been looking for a road Dogg to see the country and camp In the mountains and...
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    Arkansas travelers

    Howdy! I'm in Missouri and was wondering if you were still in the area before heading to Tennessee. I am a free living nomad and just looking to meet new people and see new places. Send me a pm!
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    Hopping from NM to MT

    Cool. Well I'm not a vet at train hopping. Only hopped once.. almost got caught at the station but got off in time
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    Hopping from NM to MT

    So on the 29th or 30th your headed out to Montana? And train hopping and hiking?
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    Hopping from NM to MT

    Okay, cool. Well I'll keep in touch with you if you want.
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    Hopping from NM to MT

    Where's that?
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    Hopping from NM to MT

    Maybe we'll cross paths. I'm headed out probably this weekend.
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