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    Your favorite books?

    The alchemist Zhuangzi chapters Fear and loathing in vegas Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
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    I have cancer

    Holy shit awesome to hear, the Road goes on forever and the party never ends
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    Discussion StP Social Center project

    In my opinion Pueblo is awful, not sure what you mean by “move” there but if it means start a new life there with a place and a job then you may regret it but that’s just me Yeeeeaaaa southern Colorado has great land for cheap, steer clear of Costilla County though their getting strict on the...
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    Got my dog taking it on the road

    I’ve got a shepherd, he’s 3 now, we van dwell, right now we are lucky enough to have a job that he can come hang around at. It’s a greenhouse, but I’ve heard of a couple others places of business allowing dogs around too. Before this place though me or amber would hang with him while the other...
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    Oregon is my new favorite cryptid

    Yooooooooooo by far the creepiest vibes I’ve ever gotten hands down has been south of where your talking about, off old stage road just west of the broadmoor area in the springs. Forest road 379, have your head on a swivel if you ever camp out here people. I’ve found some weird altar type shit...
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    Couple days till works over, where to go.. what to do..

    Couple days till works over, where to go.. what to do..
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    black powder revolver?

    Get your concealed license, some states have reciprocity in 30+ other states, and when your in a non reciprocal state just take the clip and ammo out and leave it in your pack or open carry if you have the balls. Actual compact semi auto pistols can be bought for 100$ all day, would be much more...
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    Off and lost,

    Don’t let age get you down man, 30 is still young, I know plenty of 30 year old non-vagabonds that have no direction or anything going for them. You have time friend, get away from the toxicity and go live! Don’t think that forcing yourself to settle down will fix any problems. When the time...
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    florida winter?

    Tons of wild kumquats, pretty sure they bear fruit all winter depending on where you are in Florida, yummmy little things
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    what's your favorite sayings/aphorisms?

    It’s all water under the fridge
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    Pahaha yo odin didn’t some serial killer do that to plea insanity and get it??

    Pahaha yo odin didn’t some serial killer do that to plea insanity and get it??
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    3,500+ miles into a bicycle tour

    Followed you on the gram, safe travels
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    RV life to Farm living

    man If I wasn’t busy helping others harvest already me and my lady would be there in a heart beat, long live the Colorado trim scene mwuahahaha norcal is blown up. Good luck friend, happy growing.
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    But most of all stay weird

    But most of all stay weird
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    Experiences wearing punk vests traveling

    Pahahaha to answer your question I have zero experience wearing vests of any sort, but I enjoy anarchy, I enjoy travel, I occosaionally get sweet kick downs, recently got taken in with the option to stay. But punk vests? Nope, titles and trends never much appealed to me. All about the...