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    Trouble with accepting myself after a long time...

    george990 ... dude ... no. trans people are not some weird in between state for you to fetishize ...
  2. charmion63

    Trouble with accepting myself after a long time...

    honestly, in addition to what everyone else is saying, i feel like you should congratulate yourself! many people never get to that point of self-acceptance and their denial (about sexuality, gender, whatever) goes on to cause deep unhappiness. it is a sign of real maturity that ur able to come...
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    dumpster scores

    here's a sort of odd one - i found over $150 worth of vintage clothing on top of an antique store's dumpster the other day! this is only a pic of the stuff i didn't sell ... took the rest to this costume and prop warehouse by me and they paid good money for it. hell yea
  4. charmion63

    dumpster scores

    it IS beautiful though! ;) also insane that ppl throw away chips ... like u do realize those are basically solid preservatives right?
  5. charmion63

    hello friends and freaks

    new here. queer trans man from midwest, heading out east pretty soon. i'm a marxist w anarchist sympathies (who on here doesn't have those lol), i also like poetry, gardening, art, weird drone music blah blah blah. came to this lifestyle thru spending time in queer communes + some other land...
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    Anything happening in portland ME

    interested in this too. i know of a few art spaces but no housing or anything like that. heard there's cheap + plentiful land around auburn tho

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