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    my first train ride went like this...

    My first ride was on a junk riding south out of Philly. I'd been on the road for about a week I think, and it was freezing cause my dumb ass left in February after a horrible winter. Luckily my roaddog had been doing this for a while, so we found the hop out along with a kid we'd met the night...
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    "Lucky" in new Orleans

    Damn dude. This sucks that I'm just finding out about this. I kicked it with Lucky for a minute. He was an awesome kid. We raged Ybor city and gainesville together. RIP Luck, you were awesome. :\
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    Untrustworthy and shady people (old thread that inspired this section).

    If its the same person, then sid was in jail at the time. she was nodding out and generally being a junkie. robbed me and my ex in philly
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    Untrustworthy and shady people (old thread that inspired this section).

    does sylvia have a dog named montana and a tattoo of the state of montana on her leg? if so, I met her in philly last year and i'm pretty sure she robbed me in my sleep.
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    Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine

    I'm totally in LOVE with Vermont. It's definatly one of my favorite states. Most of the people there are just so chill and I definatly agree with Bratt's drop in! It's pretty easy to catch out of too.
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    Torn...more of a rant than a question...:\

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to talk to him tonight before I leave and see what's good with us. I've tried to get him to rubbertramp it with me and he said he doesn't want to do all the driving, since I don't drive, which is understandable, no one wants to be driving for hours on end without a...
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    Torn...more of a rant than a question...:\

    So, i'm leaving in 2 days to hit the road again, and I'm sort of torn. I'm pretty much in love with this kid...we used to date and we've pretty much been "together" since I got back in April, he's pretty much the only reason I stuck around for the last 6 months and idk what the fuck to do about...
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    Coolest ride/kickdown ever

    So, last year, me and my road dog were in Philly, and had just gotten a bunch of new gear and were getting rid of our old stuff. My road dog puts this cowboy hat out so if anyone else wanted it, they could take it. About 5 mintues later, this guy and his friend walk up and ask about the hat, so...
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    Favorite hitching sign

    I've flown "I got stories." which got us pretty decent rides. But i've always wanted to fly "don't make me walk!" and see if it worked.
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    taking newbes on the road

    I know this thread's kinda old, but fuck it. I've took 2 green kids out last year and they actually ended up saving my ass. I put them on their first train and we kicked it for about 2 months? They were actually really excited and weren't retarded and blowing shit up. We got pulled off a train...
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    Favorite quotes?

    The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every...
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    Alkaline Trio

    I love them! Of course they're new shit's kinda ehhh with me. But they're old shit's amazing. Fuck the haters.
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    names for my new rat??

    Oh man. I was gonna say Rizzo, like from the Muppets. damn. that sucks man.
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    stupid knuck tattoos

    I have "Dumb Idea" on mine. My friend Tapes has Tape Deck her old man has "Dumb Luck" and he wants to get "Nub life" on his lower knucks since he's mising the lower half of one of his pinkies.
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    The word "Oi"

    Just wondering your thoughts on the word? I know kids that use it entirely too much and kids that fucking HATE it. Personally I use it, mostly because it gets kids attention and mostly because I'm just used to it at his point. I had a kid freak out at me screaming "my name's not fucking OI!"...