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  • If anyone ever ends up in shitty old Augusta Ga, hit me up, lets get beer, I need to meet more people.
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    well hey lol I'm actually still in Augusta for a few more days, if ya want to get some beer or what ever and whatnot PM me. I'd love to meet some people from this site
    Hell yeah! I think we should get along okay based on your username! When are you heading out and where are you off to if you're willing to share?
    heading out Friday, gonna work my way to Asheville first and then to Little Rock and then to Colorado
    My wanderlust is screaming and I ta put a pillow over its face.
    Know the feeling. I just randomly jumped to Nola xD youll be ok, just tread water for a bit more, get some cash and jump ship!
    Heading out on the 2nd, give me a call when your in Tally if you still want a ride and such.
    Right on good sir. I'm a member on silverfish.. been so for a while now. Wasn't aware of the buy/sell feature of the form.. I'll check into it! later onn
    I read in your About me section that you fabricate and paint longboards.. Do you have any for sale?!

    I'm currently trying to sale or trade my Sector 9 California OG pintail. (listed in the black market forum section) I want to get a kracked skulls scimitar which is sold at a pretty reasonable price by an independent builder. Have you heard any reviews on the KS boards?
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