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    you have access to the digital ccg as you've already signed in on i cleared your access in the perms as you've been vouched for. it's all under constant construction and IS NOT associated w/CCG.
    some stuff. train, forest, vegan food, jail, farm.
    gimme a # I can call you at
    It took a full 2 days of getting eaten by maine mosquitoes in order to be able to physiologically ignore them- no pain, no swelling, just blood loss. And then about 8 hours of bite withdrawal afterwards when you're out of the area.
    "A short history of everything"???
    Never heard of it. (I'll go and look it up and see what it's about). I'll let you know what I think.
    I really enjoy off-the-wall type books as well as true/fact books too!
    I'll jet and see about it now.........
    Oh, PS.........
    "IBRR Hobo" is on his way here. I'll tell him you said hi.....
    Yep! I look back at that situation now, (17 years ago), and God, I was still only a baby! lol!
    I'd now of course surely find another way at finding moolah! haha!
    You'd have to be in Barrow up within 800 miles of the North Pole to really see how dire of a situation that I was in, but then really did'nt realize how close I was skating next to death's back-yard! haha!........Whew, never again being broke there!
    I have been back there one other time since then, but I had a few more cents, and not in my wallet either, in my head! lol!
    (I still feel like shit when I think back on that time)...It was ever oh so hard to try and write that too, but this is my autobiography though, so I have to place inside the truth.....
    Anyway, I do thank you for the comment though as well!
    Heck, I did'nt know anyone ever read those stories there! LOL!
    (That's why I've been slowly moving them over to this site)....
    Anywho,....I do appreciate it! Thankx!
    heydewd. you leave the city yet? bahh work trickles down to 8 hours tomorrow. cawl me early tomorrow if you want to kickshit. 5033583313. otherwise, happy trailsz!
    Spokane Info in the Speak easy
    IWere in Eugene now.. I have 3mins left on comp..
    Ill message you when we get to PDX.. GOOD JOB on the trip over..

    seee you real soon.
    I wanted to hopout to PDX today.. but jeff says he wants to stay for another day.

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