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    Hey my girl and I are travelling thru, in central city Philly now. Are you willing to host? No animals with us and willing to barter and clean.
    hey, thanks for your comment in my circus(/etc) thread. i replied. the short version would be that i live in western mass and you should drop me a line if you ever get nearby...
    Right on. I picked up a great book from Boarders a few weeks back and was so enthralled with the photos of heavily tattooed people from decades past. While I don't feel they were readily accepted, at the very least society was curious enough to pay a small fee to check out the work. Even tattoo artists traveled the carnival circuit during the warmer months as a way to reach new clients, which to me pre-dates tattoo conventions. They still hang up banners advertising themselves/their shop, which is totally right out of the sideshow.

    That's kind of ridiculous. It's always been my opinion that when engaged in a relationship, you love each other as is. There's no picking and choosing, b/c then how you do really love someone for who they are?
    You's welcome ma'am :)
    & Oh I know how amazing it is! I was just hanging around Barnes & noble the other day looking through a picture-book of tattoos from the '20s.. I was so inspired and couldn't believe how wildly acceptive it was and how most frown upon the form of art nowadays. We've gone backwards in time for some reason.

    I totally agree with you! I used to have a girlfriend who obsessively put on makeup and turned around and bitched about my stretched lobes. I really do hate when some are so quick to judge.
    No one until now has ever has a good reason for stretching or body modification in my book until now. I always ask folks, "Why do you do that?" and in some cases I have an idea but most times you'll see in a persons eyes that they did so just to follow the crowd and that really grinds my gears.

    "My body is modified for reasons that range from having the will and right to hold sway over my appearance to enjoying the aesthetics of my adornments."

    -So... kudos to you! haha
    I always tell anyone who exclaims, "Why?!" that, "It makes me happy that I can differentiate myself from a mob-ish sheep like culture whom I don't accept nor agree with on many levels." Simply put, it makes me happy!
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