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  • Cool, I can tour out to your hood, but I have no idea where to grab a beer in Gloucester..been a while since Ive spent any time around there.
    ait, it will have to be before Wednesday as I'm booked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I leave the country Sat... so out of Monday Tuesday do you have a pref? also were do you want to meet up..have any fav hang outs
    Hey AGAIN..Im free pretty much any night for the next two weeks..let me know whats good for you and we can grab a drink..even if its just coffee...
    Hey ya I just got back from rding up north, give me a day or two to recover and them Im Down. Im off to India at the end of the month and I have sweet fuck all to do between now and then
    yup in still in the area im liveing here, pro0bely be better if you contacted me i work and im lazy to boot so yah
    hey there if your in the city still come check out the total chaos/whiskyshits show thats happenin
    at Avant Garde in the market on the 25th ill probely be there, tought i saw you the other day at a friends party but ended up being some other punk girl
    That is a great question..and yes I'm in town..I'm booked until Sunday aft as is...getting ready to ship out, last min prep..after that I'm free to connect any time until next Friday...
    I'm leaving next Friday to South America a month, then back for a month, then gone to India/Asia for 6 to a year.
    Hey, so are you just drifting through Ottawa or do you have friends here? I'm actually from Ottawa but I'm off to South America for a month.
    Hey! uhm I'll do 10 on the creek side bags 5 on the corduroy and 15 on the tool for an even 30
    is that chill?
    The camera seems to be in pretty good condition. I don't know how you're gonna find film for it though, it's pretty old. Film and processing would probably be pretty rare and pricey. As long as you're aware of all of that, then I have no problem trading it, and the coin purse for sure.

    Hmm, what patches/fabric do you have? Do you have any large patches, by any chance?
    Thanks for noticing the avatar, the picture was taken on a trail in California in Yosemite National Park when I worked there for a little while.
    Eh, as good as a person sleeping under a bridge could be I guess... It could be worse though. I mean at night out in IL right now its about zero degree weather most nights so its kind of weak. But I am heading out west to San Fran eventually. We are leaving for texas soon like in two weeks tops I hope... then we are going to Arizona, Las Angeles then finally San Fran. What are you up to?
    come to nola!! im in nyc right now but im leavin to detroit chicago then nola, then maybe miami or key west i never been in florida, i should talk to u about it knowing your from or your in florida
    Dude I'm from Florida I grew up in Port Orange so I know how you feel but I left 10 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did so get out while you can.
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