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    Cheap/free source of foam bedding?

    Couch cushions have on average 5 to 6 inch high grade foam in then. 3 of them makes a nice bed have used them on sailboats for years. You can spray bleech water and let dry then recover to sanitize.
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    Advice for rubber tramping with no AC

    Lived and traveled in a 1989 b250 for 2 years before I got the rv this year. No AC in ethier. The van I had 2 100 w panels on the roof and a house battery runing 1 or 2 12 volt car fans you can get at walmart or any auto parts store for 20 bucks makes a big difference. Vortex makes a fan insert...
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    The Magic Homemade Mooring Secrets

    Ok Captain Shawn back with a few more sailing secrets. Straight off my crappy cell phone in the harbour. Anyway a mooring is little more the dead weight on a chain. Currently im on 3600 pounds of rock concrete in plastic barrels via 3/4 inch chain. On and off 2 years 70 ft of combined sailboats...
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    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    When traveling a knife is always a usefull tool anyway but im surprised no one has mentioned this yet. A flathead or phillips screwdriver its legal to carry anywhere and fits in your pocket nicely not the most intimidating thing but i sure as hell wouldnt want to get stabbed by one. If your road...
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    hitchhiker gave me tainted bud... what am i fucked up on?

    could have been Sherm that weed dipped in embalming fluid or I would guess like someone else stated pcp
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    How to heat your Boat, Van, Bus or whatever the hell you decided to travel and life in

    This is just my advice on how to heat your space and some ideas. Personally living on sailboats for the last 3 years in the pacific northwest I have had to experiment with a few heating systems so here we go. Anything Marine heating will also adapt to your Van, Camper, Rv, Or tiny house...
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    Should I get a lifestraw bottle?

    I would suggest using something like this. only thing it doesnt remove is radation for anthor 30 bucks they have one that does that too. Its not just a good prepper product its also great for everyday use.
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    east coast to west without a license

    My advice would be to drive 5 under or the speed limit the whole way dont give the cops a reason to run your plates or pull you over come time to sleep crash at rest stops, logging roads, walmart parking lots stuff like that. Curbside your chances go way up of getting the old knock on the window...
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    Anchors or the curse of the dreaded lunch hook

    This my advice on anchors. First of bad anchoring not only can cause loss of your boat and your life but also damage to other peoples boats in the harbour which at the least will cost you money or get your ass kicked. That being said here it goes. How big is your boat if its 20 to 30 ft theres...
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    Outboard Motor and Generator Troubleshooting

    Heres a few tips from Captain Shawn on how to get that frusterating POS running again. First of all a motor needs 3 things to run AIR, FUEL, SPARK Lets start with spark. Pull the plug is it oily corroded oxidized? 2 strokes get very oily and wont start try this trick got a propane stove great...
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    Almost a boat tramp!

    Feel free to pm me any rigging questions if needed i live on a 36ft cutter. Highly recomend getting a large cqr type anchor ie 35 pounds to 50 the hinge alone will save your ass in a storm when the wind direction shifts in some cases its as good as a mooring
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    Sailing Books

    Its a book covers some of the best sailors that ever lived like my hero Bernard Moitessier who was winning the Vende Globe Race single handed and decided screw it and sailed around the world again instead of finishing. Heavy weather tactics are important link attached for good free video.
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    Campervan or 4x4 truck and camper?

    So im selling my 2005 blazer and using the cash to buy ethier a van or truck and camper to tour the states for 4 months (canadian max allowed stay) im using approx 2000 of the cash for this. Wondering everyones ideas on ethier buying a pos rv van, building a stealth van or buying a decent truck...