Currently living in Chicago, Illinois. The windy city. Chiraq. Whatever people are calling it these days...

I've always felt like an alien. You know that feeling of being alone even though you may be surrounded by people who care about you? That's how I've felt my entire life. As though im on a completely different wavelength than the people around me. I listen to a wide variety of music, ranging from rap to rock. I read for enjoyment. I like to walk through forests and I feel at home in nature. I don't use social media ( aside from this and reddit, which I believe do count as social media platforms). Etc. These things confuse and disgust those around me. " That's some white people shit " they say, without even a little consideration. I wish to meet people who aren't so closed minded.

I also dont agree with the current system of slaving for capitalism and consumerism that's currently in place. I'm sure many of the individuals here can resonate with that at least a bit. I cannot fit in with the crowd who's willing to slave away a majority of their lives. Those who are content with the current state of things as long as they can buy the next iPhone. I seek a means to use my time to gain knowledge about the world around me, and uncover my inner truth

I'm planning to start traveling on foot in about early April. This will be both out of interest in the lifestyle, and necessity. I expect to be without a place to stay when April comes along due to personal issues, lack of income, and having differing viewpoints with the people I currently stay with.

I have no experience hitchhiking around, but I have been homeless and impoverished at many points in my life. I've always wanted to travel since I was a little afro wearing kid. I know this path won't be easy, but I also know I'll gain a lot from it. I'd rather struggle on the road and embrace the beauty of nature than continue to struggle in this city that I've grown tired of.
Oct 18, 1996 (Age: 23)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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My 10 toes
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