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    My road dog laura..

    The internet is wonderful! Never underestimate the power of a phone call though. Selfishly this gives me a chance to tell a funny story. Trying to contact a friend years back I had to keep calling the jail. They kept hanging up on me. You see, in order to look up an inmate they had to search...
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    My road dog laura..

    I know this isn't directly helpful, but try calling the prison. They might not give you too much info depending on who answers the line, but they'll give you an inmate #. If she isn't getting out super soon, you can write her - just put her # after her name.
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    Video A tour of TheRoadAbode's Van

    Man, this makes me reminisce on the old days living out of my car. I can tell you one thing, being in a two door hatch for a while will make a sedan feel like a regular winnebago. A van would be the bee's knees. They're so spacious!

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