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  • You seem to be a pretty decent being and wise (...kinda yoda On a serious note though thank you for your advice and guidance after reading your profile I hope our paths cross someday soon.
    nick died thats fucked up did he die in austin he really helped out me and my road dog
    ya I was pressing them, and all that. it was fun till it sucked my funds dry haha. started makin banjers though! WOO HOO. my attempts at trying to make a dime doing something I like.

    planning to take a trip to pocomoke as soon as weather gets warm, not sure if yer still around hit me up though if you get the itch
    should have posted it on here. instead of the thread. anyway. you heard from chris lately? you know anyway to get ahold of him? or jill for that matter
    hey there, glad to see yall are still doin good. hows penelope? im about to head out of baltimore goin north on friday. hope to see ya around.
    yeah i met you a couple weeks ago when you first met that kid Dave and we hung out at wayward council, and then you ran into me and him about 2 weeks ago by the publix by 31st st! Trust me, we met.
    hey, im in harrington if your gonna be around soon. ill probably be around the "downtown" area for the most part. keep an eye out for me.
    I am sitting with Teddy and Sarah from Asheville right now! They mentioned you and I though, hey I think I have seen you on the site before!
    Hey, man. It's Boone. We hung out in Savanna, GA around st patty's day. How've you been? I'm in Olympia right now, and I ran into one of the guys you were headed to Hilton Head with in Portland. I'll be in Nawlins for all-hallows eve you should come out if ya can. Oh, and I finally got to ride the highline. There's some pictures on myspace/straight2jail.
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