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  • Long long ago when I rode the rails, this was THE answer given on what name to use for who or what:
    A guy who rode the rails - mainly in search of work - was a hobo.
    A guy who rode the rails - just for the thrill of going - was a tramp.
    A guy who didn't really ride the rails - but instead just sit in the Yard - was a bum.
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    Hobos work, tramps dont. Thats my understanding of things. A bum is anyone that has ever hung out in an alleyway and felt at home.
    What up brutha! Nice avi, Soup is quite a photogenic fella.
    Yes! And now that me and him are friends again I feel at ease about throwing his photo around. Hahah.
    Engineer J Lupo
    Engineer J Lupo
    Oh that's great to hear. I remember years ago when he was on facebook he wrote a very angry rant, which was kind of my first impression of you but I could tell by the way it was written there was certainly another side to the story, so I took it with a grain of salt. Hung out with him in New Orleans for a bit, he's a good kid.
    Yes many sides to the story, we just partied in New Orleans, and it was great- we settled things.
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