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  • yo. yeah I got your call but I didnt have my phone on me. bunch of shit been going on lately.

    Im still in CO. went to pdx for a bit but came back.

    whats your plans this winter?
    so yeah. me n sarah split. so that number I gave is no bueno anymore. when you guys gonna be around suckas?
    ha!! yeah I remember that day. kept comign back to ya'll sleeping.

    but yeah. he said you guys would prolly shoot down from cheyenne. thatd be rad if you guys do. would love to see you guys too.
    shit. I was talking to my old lady when you did. kinda dramatic. but you should call me back here soon. if you can that is. Ill keep my phone on me and Ill answer. I swear
    mo-ther-fucker. fuck that kid. I think he said he was with you guys in virginia beach. Ill fucking talk shit to him. he's a straight oogle kid too. thats why I was suprised when he said that danny took him under his wing. haha. literally he told me that. what a fuck. anyway.
    this dude neil thats been hitting me up on myspace all kinds said he was with someone named shitbag. so I asked him if it was danny and he said yeah. then I asked if you were around and again he said yeah. its some kid that just got on the road. he said he ate mesc with you guys and had been with you for like the past 2 or 3 weeks. he also said that danny stick n poked some tracks on his face. ring any bells? if not Imma have to find that kid. kinda fucking gay to start spouting bout kids I know and not really knowing em
    wow. thats good you guys took care of that shit. losing limbs or even part of limbs is no bueno.

    Im in CO right now but Im leaving monday. Im gonna head to so cal. prolly get to so cal on tuesday or wednesday.
    well I do recognize you for one. but also when I saw shitbag I knew it was you. you still on the road?
    Well I am going to try and work the whole fishing season so I can save up and spend the winter in Central America. At least I think that's still the plan, I am wanting to go see Blackbird Raum play in August, they are doing a little month long Alaska tour. So I might check out a couple of those shows before I leave, and I really want to be in New Orleans for Halloween again. I missed last year which was a really bummer.

    But yeah, Northern California is beautiful. I mean parts of it. I really enjoy Whiskey Town, and Shasta.. Some of the Redwoods, but the forest itself I hate Arcata. Well enjoy your travels and ramble on!

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