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    Hey did I meet you in Asheville last summer?Vermin's friend?
    hey whats new good friend? hope all is well there. still in chicago. see ya around soon hopefully
    hey how long you :blush:plan on stay in asheville for? if :zombie: the :zombie: weather :zombie: is :zombie: warm :zombie: enough :zombie: down there:cheers: in :deadhorse: November :zombie: i :deadhorse: might :deadhorse: just :deadhorse: take :deadhorse: the long way to NOLA:love: and :thebird: swing by :love: there on my way south. :looney::goat:;):banned::blush::p:fuckoff::D:worship::zombie::flush::yourock::mummy::eatit::thebird::):soldier::die::rules:::)pos::club::drinking::sick::confused::poop::mad::applaud::scared::arrgh::chug::cry::vader::cheers::ph34r::cool::borg::p:hysterical::sos::deadhorse::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::(:(:(:(:thebird::thebird::thebird::thebird::thebird::yourock::yourock::yourock::yourock::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::goat::looney::looney::love::love::love::love:
    hey homes i am flying to panama tomorrow...i got engaged to the girl of my dreams- she's studying abroad there and i'm chasing her. you wanna come make snow in NH this winter (mid-november to february)? i'll be back
    hey brah i hope you and andrea are kicking it... i turned back after i talked to you, made my way to san berdino ca then back to belen and my aunt's house on the fastest train ever...... sure i'll run into you again- peace glad i ran into you guys
    hey mr i live in canada now its awesome ya got across your gonna have to tell me your story as well ive been taking it easy moving beds around and what not we got a new intern from italy who im sharing a room with hes pretty cool weve been making lots of stuff with scrap wood in this enormous woodshop and ive been studying herbs and yeah thats lame that they didnt invite you but i stayed here and worked and had a little feast with andrea i imagine it is a beautiful city me and steve walked up to this rock on this hill overlooking petaluma smoked some weed i meditated and it was crazy we watched this fog roll in off the bay and over. how are ya keeping warm? whats the temp? oppsite of needles i take it haha :-p stay warm dude and ill let you know more peace
    Hey Mr. I-never-log-on-StP
    Yeah I am in Vancouver.. Beautiful City.. I imagine it would be 10x better when its sunny and warm. The Wet-Kind-cold isnt to bad either, but it compromises sleep spots.
    I cant believe Kathy would invite you and not me.. what a family member she is! Enjoy if you do end up going. I got a PM from someone on here.. I told them to ask you. Its about Michigan hopouts..
    Anyways.. Talk to you next time.. Feel free to write me a story about what you've been up to. I am interested.
    Oops, I clicked the wrong thing, ha ha ha...
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