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  • Hey dude, digs on the artwork and photography, really enjoyed your mind. I've some artwork that I recently posted so if you're ever interested swing by my page & check it out :)
    later onn
    fuck school. just draw and think. and free-spirited people like you will randomly show up. im quitting my job. maybe you should too.=] srry for this weird 'thing' written on your lovely page, im not sober.
    Hey, are you in St. Pete? "Speedy" (from here on StP) is out there.
    Did I send you a bunch of magazines and zines and posters?
    Or was that someone else? If so, where in FL are you?
    yr not the same birdy that i drove from SF to Paradise Shitty In Philly with Nicholi and a bunch of other wingnuts are you? back in 2006ish?
    got your note, kool, did you already get my number? August, that's Bolts' B-day month...Kool...
    Huxley's other books are good, too...especially The Doors of Perception (if you like hallucinogenic drugs, it makes a bit more sense).
    Hey there. Everything is going good with me. I'm on my way back to the east coast right now. I'm in Denver Colorado right now but i'm leaving here tonight and heading to Kansas City Kansas. I'll only be there for a few hours before heading off to Louisville,KY. How is everything going for you down there in Florida. If your still interested in doing a little bit of travel this summer let me know cause i'm planning on heading back down to Florida at some point this summer.
    IF you are still diggin' the patches, after the event, I'll be mailing them out to those that didn't get to make it out here. But the ones I mail out will have the word "Honorary" as in honorary attendee. Like if ya coulda ya woulda, ya know...(but if you want a Camp Cunt one, pm me your mailing address and I can get one of them to ya sooner. It'll include the story of where that came from. It was a inner joke that got out of hand, and then later totally mis-understood. But it makes for a funny read later.) So let me know if you 're interested and get me that address...(Rmeember PM it though)...Laters Taters
    the StP patches, lol. I hand sew them, you thinking of making it to the Portland get together? I'll have a few there for attendees to get.
    hey so i just came here because i saw your post in the greek riots thread. anyway, 16, 18, it doesnt matter, school doesnt matter. fuck society, do what you want! somehow after all these years nothing rings truer for me than that. besides if you really want, you can get your GED and go to community or state school and blah blah blah. or you could get seasonal work and say fuck that and squat and live off the land. just my damn 2 cents. i hate when people tell me what to do and when i see people telling other people what to do...especially when its something dumb...
    happy holidayz ... hope allz well!
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