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  • So my eyes are good but still giving me crazy bad problems. So I dug more, I'm Going into the clinic Monday to get bloodwork done to see if I have a hyperactive thyroid or Graves disease. I have like 21 of 22 signs of graves. Would make alot of my problems make sense. Hoping it's just a thyroid not graves. I am so over all the Drs and hospitals and spending money on not food... I'm fucking drowning! Trying to put my shit together but cant save any fucking money...
    Lots of work in McCall Idaho if anybody cares for seasonal kitchen work in turist trap small town Idaho
    My eyes are A okay!!! I guess floaters squiggly lines heat waves flashing lights cloudy and blurred vision are normal...I guess. It's new to me, and realy hard tk.get use to. I have had better than perfact vision my entire life. I still do too, I just have shit in my field of vision somtimes nowadays I guess
    good to hear! now you can concentrate on getting a boat! ;)
    I'm so excited!!! My first ever down sleeping bag is in the mail, it will be here Friday night!!! Getting rid of this huge bulky 0° synthetic crap will reduce the size f my pack 50%!!! Not to mention pounds... Now if I could only gtfo!!!
    Does anyone els ever go threw life trials that cant be naglected and keep you from traveling? I keep getting so close to go then, BAM! another obligatory anchor...
    Life puts my plans on hold once again. Eyes are detaching from my retinas, so yeah.... idk wtf imma do. Practicing being grateful for everything and soaking up all the beautiful visions...
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    fuck man that's rough, here's to hoping you can do something about it to keep that from happening.
    Looks like I may be hanging up the towel. boys, girls and to the jolly roger, Godspeed.
    ah that is positive though
    Ahhhhhh yes, it does read negatively at first doesn't it... definitely a positive thing I'm hoping. I really hope it's worth it.
    and if it isn't then the road is always, realistically, available. so cool deal
    My entire world just changed in a matter of moments... again. This time for the better! Again Haha! love life.
    Fucking back has a knot so tight I can't hardly move.. So greatfullfull for my mostly mobile painless healthy life.
    It kinda bothers me that I only have credit for membership since 2017 when my first account was made around 2011. Is this what they call prideful?
    getting a friend on he road after years o convincing... gonna go scout the pokitello ID yard this weekend with him. do a little test camp with gear... its his first time travling my first time on a train. im stoked
    Dr. Update... Turns out im stuck around here for another 6 months or so before there going to release me... aaaand im going to be put into workforce physical tharapy. And i have to comply or risk not getting a settlement as larg as it could be. ups and downs to this. Means i get 6 more months of work free money and contunue seeing my cute physical tharapist down side is i have to stay in state.
    Just decided my next goal is a sail boat...
    I was thinking if I could find ppl to help me work on it and do ground work while it's being built/restored I would gladly have a spot for said persons. Granted if we can get along... I'm a blunt ass hat somtimes.
    You're right down the road in Idaho, I'm out here in MT. Used to live on the Columbia river in WA. Smaller sailboats are cheap (less than a grand) If you got the money honey, I got the time! xD
    I'll have the money. Granted I'm not going right out and buying a boat. I'm recant single and going out for a stroll... like idk how long or to whare but i have to streach me fucking legs mate. Then I'll be learning to sail so a small boat is what I'll start with yes. Fix her up sail it into the ground sell it re-do...
    Just saying I'm fucking stoked!!! A ltitle tlc and this car will be a bitchen home to travel in!!!! Why not!
    Has a bitchen cheap new interior new tires original 318 carbonated engine all the original chrome... Lost one on drive home fml lol. It's black and chrome all original glass!
    Traded my short bus for a 1958 plymouth Plaza!!!! Drove it home that night!! No cancer no body work needed
    Deleted member 21429
    Being 6'-5" tall, all I can say is ooooohhh Leg Room! Nice Automobile! Can withstand a coronal mass ejection too. ~ peace and sensor free travels!
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