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    broken/half tour dates

    hey whatsup everyone.. my band broken/half is going on tour in september across the midwest, down the westcoast and eventually back to grand rapids. we play fast acoustic punk. we are all travelers/ex travelers and have alot of songs about all the shit we all struggle through, the good times we...
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    ATTN d.i.y. bands wanting shows in oklahoma city

    i book punk shows here in oklahoma city.. so if you need a show here, we have a shared email you can write to, [email protected] ... i like booking acoustic punk and crust / hardcore / lofi pop punk stuff but i may be able to point you in the right direction if you play a different style...
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    Cycling coast to coast - the southern route

    i rode from nashville into arkansas a few years back, about 450 miles... we took mostly hwy 64 and some other small highways and then crossed the river in dyersburg... but only after being stuck in dyersburg jail for a week.. ha ha. some of the small towns through there will get you a hotel room...
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    No coast road show!

    yeah, the superditch show is gonna be great... there is a huge concrete slab on the southside that is like a city block long, with drop ins on each side and a rail down the middle... just buried in some industrial wasteland by some stockyards... so bring your bikes and skateboards!! we are...

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