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  • I've seen some of your replies to threads and pretty sure I got a kick out of most of em. So...props? yeah, sure.
    hey benji
    can you guess who this is?? lol
    hey benji, you still in the nw? im in utah, but im gonna be heading up to portland and then getting on the hi line at the end of may. hit me up if you're around.
    yo i been seeing ragtime written up everywhere....just made me think when i saw you up here
    hey, its colin. sorry we ditched out on you that day, sounded like you had a good time in olive tower though. haha
    hey i was reading a thread you posted a while back about the juice train. said it runs threw a park/baseball fiend in philly, would that be FDR park? it has a skatepark right near where you could hop on at? i seen it go by pretty slow with an open box car, but from how every one is describing this particular train it doesn't have any box cars. would you know if any other trains ran threw right there and it could of been that? i don't wanna try to be in florida and end up in bumble fuck no where.
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