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    Best and Worst Jobs Stories

    Google and Indeed are your friends. Okanogan is defs the place to look, I didn't work there or do any fruit picking..
  2. Benji91

    Photos share pictures of your buddy

    Sharing because this pup is amazing. Rescued this handsome creature today. His name is Bunji, hes around 18 months old and a rottweiler x cattle dog x bull mastiff x something else. He's had a horrible life of abuse and neglect, but is still a total sweetheart. On his way to a foster home...
  3. Benji91

    The Stain You Can't Wash Out

    Alright, so Iv'e posted some self indulgent band things on here before but...damn, this blew my mind. Early last year my band of 10+ years, Whiskey & Speed, were breaking up for a bunch of reasons (including me taking my solo travels overseas). We'd gained a reputation for being wild, self...
  4. Benji91

    Where's a good spot to stay in BC to avoid all the bullshit?

    Yeah mate, Kelowna goes alright. I only passed through but spent a couple days when I was rubber trampin' with no dramas. Good on you for your mission here - wishing you and yours all the best!
  5. Benji91

    Where's a good spot to stay in BC to avoid all the bullshit?

    I lived in the West Kootenays for a while. Small towns, chill vibes and no one really cares about your business. It's a long ways from Van though. Nelson is full of drugs, but the nearby towns are fairly clean. Kaslo, New Denver, Slocan, Nakusp, Arrow Lake...all chill as fuck.
  6. Benji91

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    Yo, if any of y'all in FL need some threads I know a place ;)
  7. Benji91

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    They're not the brightest either ay? A few posts in quick succession, found out almost immediately. Fucking muppets.
  8. Benji91

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    Fuck man, this is horrible. Made the mistake of having a look on their Facebook page...what cruel, souless pricks. Y'all need a meet up in St Augustine (Reported and all that)
  9. Benji91

    Photos share pictures of your buddy

    Being back in Brissy meant catchups with my old mate Monty for the first time in years ❤
  10. Benji91

    What are the best/worst/strangest jobs you've gotten while traveling?

    In between travel at the moment...but currently working at a suburban sex toy store/porno theatre. Easily one of the most interesting gigs I've ever had. Most customers are lovely, I get the occasional self confidence boost from old blokes (respectfully) flirting with me, drama is rare, I get...
  11. Benji91

    Any other Sydney UrbanX Explorers and climbers?

    I try to make it down to Sydney a couple times a year, always keen for exploring! Haven't done a whole lot down there though. Some pretty decent spots around?
  12. Benji91

    How to get motel room with no visa or credit card? i only got a health card?

    Worked at a hotel in BC for a spell. Boss accepted cash but required a cash deposit but down as well. Found a few cheap motels in 'murica that had a similar thing. Good luck mate.
  13. Benji91

    Trouble with accepting myself after a long time...

    Yo, I'm a lil too drunk to properly reply so sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense or doesn't help. I totally get the struggle mate. These days I'm openly bi but the road to get to the point of being this comfortable in myself was rocky. ...and, in general, I fucking hate men too...
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    Seeking Ride Urgent ride from Northern NSW - Sydney

    Posting on behalf of a mate. She's good people and stranded near Ballina at the moment and needs to get south asap (or a place to crash). I know there aren't many Aussies on here but we're trying anywhere. Please shoot me a msg if you can help.
  15. Benji91

    Dario Western (in Australia)

    I know there aren't many Aussies on here, but if you're around here keep an eye out for this creeper. He's active in the Brisbane music scene (apparently) and regularly goes on sexist rants. Mainly though, there are numerous allegations of paedophilia and other sexual misconduct that, while...

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