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  • Damn, its been a minute. I'm mostly in downeast maine these days. Might be norcal bound in a month or so here though. Where you headed?
    Sorry to miss ya again. I ended up going through Kville in a van full of trashy hippies at about 3am. I'm in NY state now figuring out just what the hell I'm doing.
    definitely not gonna make it. i'm in pittsburgh right now and leaving today or tomorrow headin west. been having an awesome time everywhere i've been.
    Say, I never knew that Peter Pan pulled off Tinkerbells wings so he could be with her! Mmmm, come to think of it,..... (I never even seen Peter Pan)! lol!

    Again,.........thanks for the help with that website on adoption too!
    Hey im here at Ibbr and diamond rails weighstation. I'm gonna be here for a few days but was thinking of maybe shooting out your way into the city for a day. I was wondering if you have any extra room for an obnoxious, stumbling drunk, verbally abusive, complete asshole at your place? Just messing around. I think im a fairly decent guy and I wouldn't mind meeting you while i'm down here as it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.
    Sounds good to me. Remember, if you are expecting to be out this way at the end of April, I am running the 'kitchen' at the StP Gathering here in PDX. But other than that, I am up for what ever. I home school, but her classes are hella easy to fuck off for a day or two, not a biggie and she won't mind (she being my kid, Bolt) Any how, keep me posted as far as wehn you get closer toheading out this way.
    Hey kid, good to hear from ya. I hadn't heard form ya in a bit. Kinda figured you were just passing through.,..,Typical site shit ya know, lol... You still toyin' with a trip out west here? Let me know, I have a whole slue of great old buildings and even a few abandoned country farm houses to show ya...Picture perfect shit ...
    Got back from the Waystation in SD a couple dayz ago. Figured I'd drop a note. We should rap sometime? Wanna pick ur brain on empty, squattable areas in K-ville. Laterz...................
    philly is a nice town if you like big over it personally. i live in the woods in santa cruz now.
    you tryin to say I'm funny, huh? Kool, I'll take that, seeing as how sexy and bitchin' are out of my reach at this age, lol...The pis you are using as your avatar, you look like my friend Indy in upstate new york.. I'll have to see if I have any pics of her on my system, send ya the one later- What brought you to StP? You a hopper or a hitcher or a squatter in training? Old OLD OLD skooler here, old enough to be half these kid's momma, for real and shit. I'm currently raising a dirty kid of my own...What coast are you closest too? West side here-ArrowInORe
    probably doin new years in kville ill call b4
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