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  • Hey, did you jump in the back of a white pickup with me in nola a few years back? I think you had pink/red hair then.
    Hit me up if your doings things in or around ms , traveling is callin me up ... Looking for decent company somewhere in between
    yay I'm unbanned , dont say anything bad about stp now ... and if a moderater is calling you names and being a rude fuck .... I'd suggest not drinking a bottle of vodka and telling them what you think about it...

    I'm ussually not the one to say report it , but I say fuck it ... lets take the trash out
    This forum can be a great thing !
    But someone saying goodbye to stp , or saying your a bunch of jerks
    shouldn't be censored ... and it's not an encouraging veiw for the future of this site
    as it seems to be in serious decline ... I dont guess I care ... becouse I can really fucking relate

    I used to really enjoy sitting here in front of my computer getting shitfaced
    and chatting with other shit faced travers ha lol
    latley it seems I'm the only one keeping this tradition alive ...
    and a lot of people who used to hang out here ... dont ..

    I find it hard to leave though ... I like to have hope ...
    I like to be able to be sitting in the middle of nowhere ! or anywhere and have a place where you can find people who .. . .. embrace the same ideals as you // and can lend you a helping hand from far away
    we deserve them here, we deserve them in the real world ... It's a wonderfull tool for us
    If i seen some of you in the reallworld I'd probably spange you !
    But any way good fucking posts' are being shut down
    If we can see our past how are we supposed to learn anything from it ... No censorship you facist fuck
    it's not the end of the world if someone says something you dont like ...

    KUDO's on this fucking post It's my muse , and it was written so well ... and so put together ! I wish I could get my thoughts together enough to put it down in writing ... Ku fucking does , I fucking love this post it seemed to hit on a lot of things i've been feeling and going threw ... you go girl
    SLC punk is available as Watch Now, right then on your computer, via Netflix. I can let you log in on my account to watch it. The others I would have to order and can't find them on Google Movies or You Tube Movies, and I've lost the movie sites I had that were bootlegs.
    Hey, I read in your about me that you like wooded squats by rivers, be advised that there is an excellent old factory on the moose river going towards Old Forge, NY that is wooded, directly on a river, and highly squatable. I was casing it a few days ago, could be a really nice spot
    hey. Im leaving on monday. and heading that way after I drop a girl off in phoenix. NY drinking sesh?
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