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    best dumpster score..

    I just stopped by my favorite dumpster belonging to a bougie outdoor gear company. Picked up two crossbows, a couple huuuuge tents, some campchairs and a leatherman. Returned everything I couldn't use to the store for cash money and boots!
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    How Big of a Factor is Mileage When Buying a Van?

    I got my Toyota van a 300k, and its been great other than a bad wheel bearing from when I got hit by another car.
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    Featured Photos Notes on Eastern Europe

    Been traveling in Sicily and Tuscany for a few weeks. Super active red/anarchists cells everywhere here. I'd second the ACAB on every block, plus messages to/from comrades in prison
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    Video DIY welding using car batteries!

    I was fucking around in the woods near Saint Johnsberry vt and came across a compound that had a battery bank powered welder. The compound was constructed out if giant heating oil tanks dug into hills or free standing with doors cut in them. I spent some time admiring their junk creations and...
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    What's your 20? (Location)

    In Italy working on a pig farm, returning to new England in a few weeks and to my regular a circus cook! Been everywhere in the last few months.
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    Featured How do you make your money?

    Holy shit is trimming ever tedious work. I can't stand sitting for that long, doing the same repetitive snip-snip motion. Whenever I trim I get plagued by dreams about trimming. One really gnarly one where I was the bud....
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    Van Questions From a Non-Driver

    Have you looked into the older Toyota campers? My friend has this same model ( and its been a great home for him. I'm currently traveling in a Toyota Previa, which I love. It's a minivan so you can't do much besides sleep it in it.I built a queen...
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    Featured How do you make your money?

    Circus cook! It's the best gig I've ever had. I work three months out of the year having the best time and living for free. If I hoard all my paychex I can make it the other 9 months without working, living pretty comfortable (always live for free tho, I've never ever paid rent).
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    Featured News & Blogs A boat-owner's perspective on hitchhikers

    Speaking as an ex-ships cook I feel pretty comfortable saying this: Fuck Yacht Culture. Pleasure boats are expensive, the people who own them generally have (or had until they bought a boat) quite a bit of money and the attitude that goes with it. You don't want anything to do with them, if...
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    Which one?

    Which one?
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    Working on cruise ships?

    I'm shipping out in five days as a ships cook. Its not a cruise ship, but rather a historical tallship (made of wood! With real sails!) that spends its winter in the Virgin Islands. Its no pleasure cruise, and the pay isn't as insane as working on a cruise ship, but I think its a little more real.
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    Portland, OR

    Fareless square is now just fare square, the last time i was at pioneer place a rentacop told me i couldn't smoke a cig on the sidewalk by the square, most of the spots arent too blown up now but thats sure to change as the weather warms up. Other than that its just the same old town it ever was
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    Reading suggestions?

    The moon is a harsh mistress by heinlein, the disspossed y Ursula k leguin, and the stars my destination by Alfred bester, three great books about space and anarchy
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    where the farm punx at?

    Looking for farmers who are punks and punks who are farmers. After my gig as a circus cook wraps up at the end of august im trying to find work on a farm, and id rather it be one with radical values, dirty kids and diy systems. This wouldn't be my first time at the rodeo either, ive done a fair...
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    never sleep cold again, wear hides