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  • hey man, was reading your post about puerto rico. i'm lookin for somewhere different to winter and puerto rico sounds like a good possibility. question: how easy is it to find work? is busking a possibilitiy? and how expensive is food/beer/busses there? thanks
    yea, i second wrench. where in FL? I'm in FL currently, and right after NYE, I'm hitching up to gainesville, and then I might be meeting up with a travelbuddy there. MIGHT. And I might be meeting up with Wrench in FLA as well. Either way, around Mid January, I'm travelling over to NOLA.
    Where you gonna be in Florida? My ride south is dropping me off in FL.
    i´ll let you know if I´m sailing out of caribbean or if there are openings to crew if you´re interested. Don´t think it´ll be for a month or 2, keep in touch

    would really appreciate a heads up if you know anyone heading north from colombia or venezuala too, no concrete plans yet
    its in this city really close to santa cruz i never remember what its called but u pretty much have to go through it if ur leaving santa cruz south its in front of a restaurant/market if you look up giant artichoke it usually comes up haha :]
    Yeah I have no idea ahahah, my memory isn't the greatest these days. That's entirely possible though. You could have met me any number of other places I'm sure. I get around a bit :)
    Coming up from DC on the MARC train--then hoofin' it. Free renting?
    You still in Bmore? Another kid on here and I will be passing thru on the 18th for Mischief Brew. What's up? :)
    hangin onto my sanity by a thread. i was sposed to go sledding today but the weather bombed from perfectly good snow to fucking slush. lame.
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