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  • Outta here by Sat. at the latest!! Knox, then AVL, then south? on 26? Or west? Eh? We'll see what happens.. Hit me up if you in da area!!
    Gettin' anttssyy to get on gettin' on... Got my L'zzz back, y'allz!! Gunna buy my dad's old Lincoln for $1, and start the cruisin' soon. :)
    Hey! I'm down to tag along to the rainbow gathering... Whenever you are in the Northwest let me know, we can meet up and I' might be able to find trim work during harvest
    im downnn. but im a newb and still stuck at home... can anyone hear mee?????????
    I'm in ashville bus heading west...but the guy couldn't find enuff ppl to it looks as if I'm going to be here for a while as he is heading back to his farm in va
    You shoulda stopped by the quarry before I left...ill be back around eventually...then we can ice skate
    hey, saw your message in the chat room. im in holland, mi. where are you? im going to guess detroit? that would be neat...
    Hey Barefoot, where did you travel in Mexico? I saw your post in the Int'l Travel threads.
    I'm about to go to San Miguel de Allende for my Mexican cousin's wedding, and I'm thinking about saying fuck it and getting a one way ticket....
    Hi there, are you the roller skater who had the short documentary made about him?
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