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    Fascists Burn Down Civil Rights Center in TN

    Word, hiding behind a lack of internal accountability does not negate external accountability, no one cares how you label yourself. Thats why decentralized organizations like Antifa are blamed for the actions of it's worst members, because there's no one to say "that guys not one of us" with...
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    Just a kid trying to get the hell out of here

    Conflict at home, sorry to hear that. Good luck out there
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    Fascists Burn Down Civil Rights Center in TN

    No one has been trying to do anything to you to fight back against, Stormfront has been around for 24 years and made no traction, we had a black president for 2 consecutive terms and violent crime rates on a whole have been plummeting for years. Playing the victim while you bash beehives...
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    Fascists Burn Down Civil Rights Center in TN

    I've never exempted hate groups from being terrorists, same boat. As far as your stance of being retaliatory, that is a lie, assuming you're old enough to remember the 90s and early 00s, there was no widespread hate movement in the US. They were fading into history before groups like Antifa...
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    Fascists Burn Down Civil Rights Center in TN

    If there is a false equivalency, it's comparing destroying property to physically assaulting people. Using violence to stifle your political rivals is literally terrorism and fascist behavior. That includes assaulting someone at a rally without provocation (ie Antifa), burning down a building...
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    STUCK San Francisco Lombard Street second day help

    Hmm haven't hitched that stretch, but based on my experience and the maps, I would head north to the Golden Gate Bridge view on the N side of the bridge Problem with giving advice on this, is that you have to adapt to circumstances, it's really a matter of scoping out different spots in person...
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    Homeless Crayon Colors

    Lol crack rock white
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    Homeless Crayon Colors

    Red hot mess Alley creek yellow Skid mark brown
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    What's your dream and what's stopping you?

    Man kayaks arent all that expensive, get at it
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    What's your dream and what's stopping you?

    Living it, the journey is the dream Id like to travel the astral planes after I die, that would be cool if its not an illusion and everything doesnt just dissapear. Might call that a dream, the obstacle being reality, or needing to meditate more
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    If you were to be executed, what would you choose for your last meal?

    A human leg (preferably not mine)
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    Average daily distance with loaded touring bike

    I think a lot of weekenders just get caught up in the details, like a kid who just started college talking like a pretentious 19th century academic, fast forward a year or two and they typically level out. Except weekenders stay weekenders for the most part
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    The Garden Intentional Community Spring Gathering April 14-30 in Tennessee

    Been hearing about you guys a lot over the years, will make my way over next time Im down south
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    Favorite conspiracy theories or ones that interest you

    Astronomy debunked flat Earth ages ago, grab a telescope and check out some satellites.
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    Video Thinking of building a van similar to this.....

    Think Ive seen this guy before, the interior finish is pretty dank. Wonder if you can throw some fiberglass batts in there Some vans are prone to fluid leaks coming from the ground up, so I would maybe make sure your floor is accessible / moveable for cleaning, otherwise you could have mold...