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    Shock Absorbers on Bikes?

    Just get fatter tires if the ride really bothers you. Hardly anyone rides terrain that you would really need shocks for.
  2. bananathrash

    the camper bike!

    Ive slept in a rickshaw and towed two people uphill in SF in it. Itd work great in the flats.
  3. bananathrash

    Untrustworthy and shady people (old thread that inspired this section).

    Bummertime! I remember that dude, but I never really talked to him. He looks like a viking.
  4. bananathrash

    Help!! Stuck with bad passport in Indonesia

    I would talk to the embassy and make sure to drop something about "working".
  5. bananathrash

    Four Loko !

    AND.. If you drink FourLoko you are a capitalist, and a victim of capitalist marketing. Youve been drinking FourLoko because Big Brother either directly, or indirectly, influenced your decisions. You defend FourLoko because its fly among the punx: Played right into the creators hands. I dont...
  6. bananathrash

    Four Loko !

    "Any real good reason"? Did you really read anything on the topic? As I said, some people cant make grown up decisions for themselves. If your idea of a radical society is that everyone should be free to do WHATEVER they want even if that includes drinking bleach koolaid, then youve got a...
  7. bananathrash

    Four Loko !

    This may make ya sad... four loko news.. The only, SLIGHT, difference is that peanuts are very good for you if you are not allergic to them.. Four loko is shit, who cares. Some of us can regulate what goes into our bodies, and make grown up decisions for ourselves; The ban is for those of...
  8. bananathrash

    Celebrity Kickdowns

    I drank free sasparilla, at the wedding bar of hot lixx hulahan, with max ward. Thats the closest thing ive got, I never notice movie stars or big band members in public.
  9. bananathrash

    rockabilly / psychobilly bands

    Legendary Shack Shakers
  10. bananathrash

    Home Depot battle royale. What 3 weapons do you choose?

    A refrigerator, an oak door, and a candlestick.
  11. bananathrash

    Altering Clothes

    Jackets are tough cause your pits will bunch up if you bring in the arms at all. Whatever you end up doing, youll probably have to detach, and re-attach the sleeves. Get a sewing awl if you dont have one: Itll be really fucking tough otherwise. Heres how id suggest going about it. 1. Detach the...
  12. bananathrash

    Four Loko !

    I wouldnt drink the fake koolaid you get in jail, even if it had booze in it, and im sure as fuck not gonna drink any 4loko! I also would not eat 10 taco bell burritos, over 1 really good burrito, just cause they are cheap. -10 punk points!
  13. bananathrash

    Is being veg responsible?

    After how much has been discussed, I think its obvious that the topic has been thoroughly examined by both parties. As for your claim I am close minded, again, this has been debated for quite a while now. Did you expect to convert me? If all it took was some babbling idiot, id have caved long...

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