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    Ride Offered richmond to philly to wmass

    Alright, rad. Can't say I agree about Fanny packs, personally I think they project a silent confidence that impresses me, although I don't own one!
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    Ride Offered Need a ride / road dog in the Northeast?

    I'm heading up that way soon, hoping to get around Maine but no solid plans yet. I've got a tiny lil dog with me, he loves having a play mate! I've rode about 7000 miles on trains so far with no real trouble but I haven't hopped the east coast yet, heard things are different this side. Truth...
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    Ride Offered richmond to philly to wmass

    I'm going up to Philly from around DC after Wednesday, have a seat open?
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    'spider tom' at slab city

    If we're thinking of the same tom, he's a real live wire, probably best approached with caution. He rides all over the slabs all day so probably not looking for you, but def someone to not piss off.
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    In DC, heading north

    Hey, I'm heading north in a week on Friday outta DC hitching. I'm heading to New England, trying to get some cheap lobster and to take advantage of the warm weather! I haven't tramped on the east coast really so I'll be figuring it out as I go, if you're experienced here that'd be awesome, if...
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    No plans lead to Slab City

    I wish, maybe it'd be worth some cash then
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    No plans lead to Slab City

    TAG ME, yup! Got some sweet tags in the end
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    Looking for a big city squat

    When I was in Chicago last I absolutely loved it there, and not just for the hot dogs. I got a lot of advice not to bum around too long, and to sleep as hidden as possible. I'd like to I stay longer, safer, and more integrated into the city culture
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    No plans lead to Slab City

    I stored it near slabs, only $15 a month and I can pay when I collect. I'm sure I can soange that up before next season. It's having engine issues that I couldn't resolve in time, and the steering so shit I only like to take it short trips now
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    No plans lead to Slab City

    When I was driving it people approached me all the time with stories of nostalgic afternoons, dads who drove them in it, engines that stank just like mine. It's a vehicle of culture, thats for sure.
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    No plans lead to Slab City

    left Santa Cruz with no destination in mind, just "South". It had been a cold, wet two weeks in Portland prior, and Cruz hadn't been much hotter; I was ready for socal heat. I had gotten a screaming deal on this baby blue 67 Econoline, the first generation. It's named Cast Iron, after itself...
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    Looking for fellow nomads

    I'm in VA now, where were you living? I'd like to check out tipi living
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    We've set up shop in slab City

    Where's your camp?
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    Looking for a big city squat

    Hey y'all, I'm working on some back muscle issues that have been slowing my ability to hoof it across the country like I want to. My pack is really aggravating it, and I'm doing exercises that are helping, but slowly. I'm hoping to find a squat in a larger city, ideally Chicago but any large...