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    Who's in Santa Cruz? Gonna be there in a few hours looking for chill kids to hang witj

    Hey y'all I'm heading from San Jose to SC soon, been long hauling too long and want to settle down and chill for a bit.
  2. babywavy

    Ride Offered Heading down the 101 in a shitty van, Lincoln Beach OR to LA

    I'm gonna be spending some time here and in Santa cruz to do some repairs
  3. babywavy

    Ride Offered Heading down the 101 in a shitty van, Lincoln Beach OR to LA

    Itll be some time before I'm that far south, if I have space then I'll def pick you up!
  4. babywavy

    Ride Offered Heading down the 101 in a shitty van, Lincoln Beach OR to LA

    Hey y'all I'm heading south to somewhere warm. I'm gonna aim towards Santa Cruz, and eventually I wanna hit up Venice Beach again but other than that I'm planning in wandering down 101 for a while. I have a piece of shit van that may or may not make it so things will be slow, loud, smelly, and...
  5. babywavy

    One wild fucking couch surfing night from a few months ago

    I'm here on the bus, I mean I'm sitting here on the LA bus and like always I can't sleep. Any time we're enroute, I can't sleep. The exception being trains. That big steel mammajamma rocks me right to bed every time. But this road warrior ain't a train and here I am. Since my last post I've...
  6. babywavy

    In Portland,OR looking for a road dawg to head south with

    Hey guys Portland's kinda cold for me so I was thinking of hitching down to Eugene and catching out south from there to eventually LA like last time, anyone wanna come or have similar plans? I prefer to travel with one other person but groups are chill too.
  7. babywavy

    It's a long time coming

    Fuck yeah. I'm all about biking but I don't think I could find he calories needed.If you have some extra cash I've seen some great "bike packing" bags.
  8. babywavy

    It's a long time coming

    Thanks Matt! I’m also looking for people to travel with if anyone wants to meet up
  9. babywavy

    It's a long time coming

    Fuck working to pay rent on a place to crash so you can work to pay rent. I'm out. It's a long time coming. I'm noumpere, 22 in Portland rn, my lease is up on the 30th and I'm not renewing or leasing anywhere else. I've lived on the road a bit but never slept out in the open, def want tips for...

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