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  • fucking old school BM site its was chillin it was only 10 bucks
    idk if am able to find the site any more but if i can ill let u know
    im good man travelin to miami right now with a friend of my grandparents who happens to be a trucker mwuahaha then hopefully we headed to louisiana after we unload if not then i gettin out in jacksonville ganna hitch to LA or my buddy in LA ganna come pick my ass up hopfully tori ganna be with him wooot!!
    i dont mind walkin aslong as its not hott as balls outside,which it usually is hence the 'sunshine state' it was probably 3 or 4 miles.
    urgh im like craving salt n vinegar chips right now,lucky bastard. argh
    Haha, no, there wasn't any weed left. I am sure that there probably are some other plants growing all around there but I don't smoke it anyhow.
    Witches Butter is just a crazy mushroom. It's edible, doesn't have much flavor, and has the consistency of a bright orange loogie.
    I hope the weather lets up soon, I will be going back to LA tonight or tomorrow, but hopefully when the sun comes out you will be able to explore the nature up there.
    That's great, you should let me know when you have your recordings up on the interwebz. I'd love to give it a listen.

    Yeah, the hike was nice. Gathered some Yerba Buena for tea, ate Witches Butter and Miner's Lettuce. Stumbled upon an abandoned marijuana growing operation and a bunch of little shelters built in the woods. Was lovely. I hope the rain lets up again so I can traipse around more.
    you'd better be makin sexy music or i'll hop up n smack the shit outcho' ass holmes. and i should probably go listen to em...but i'm too busy..listening to june paik and funeral diner, like a cool emotionally angry kid. ARGG. im aight, waitin for anthony's BITCH..ASS..SELF to get here and swoop me up for adventures. makin that MONEHH.
    Kicking it with my chums up in Santa Cruz for a little bit. Went on a hike today. Was really nice. What have you been up to?
    Thanks. They're great bands. I don't meet a lot of fellow Bread And Water fans. Ha. What instrument(s) do you play?
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