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  • Hey, do you know anything about a user here called "noluckpunk"? He's using the same IP address as you.
    Avon, Hung out with OldmanLee today. You missed out on beer/coffee/lunch. Hes a great guy. I think we'll be hanging out again. You should join along and hang out.
    easy as pie. in desmoines they almost doubled the amount of cars on. then in mildred kansas it lost air pressure or something and broke apart, slammed the e brake... my cue to dismount. yep, 70 into denver. snowed on me last night.
    alright! went to crossroads the other day with Eris, ain't gotta busk/panhandle as I've come across some cash. I'm tryin to keep a low profile from from the sxe gangs around, keep an eye out for your truck.
    Sounds good!By the way,as you are over on Church Hill,check out what is left of the farmer's market down in Shochoe Bottom(good veggies).Wouldn't try busking(or even walking around) the bar district down there on Friday or Saturday night,too damned many truculent drinks/testosterone cases,Shochoe Slip may work for busking during the day,no reports yet.Also,halfway decent outside flea market out willaimsburg road towards the airport(good for cheep gear).
    If you get a chance,Morris St. coffee shop called Crossroads,some street kids hanging in the pocket park beside it,and no one gets rousted.Keep an eye out for a beat old Chevy truck with a motorcycle with a for sale sign on it in the bed,bumper sticker with Evolve,DAMN IT! on the tailgate,that's me.Home email is [email protected]
    exploration in RVA: collapsed railway tunnel under chruch hill(still has train buried in it), some of the old brick lined stormdrains tunnels in Fulton's Bottom(about 5" across),Hollywood Cemetary , some of the old factories over on Southside.The oldest jungle taken over by rockheads, stripped for movie theater .Avoid 14th steet area of the J. river unless you got crew, folks getting a beatdown that area.Best thrift cheap gear Love Of God on southside at old Southside Plaza at Hull and Belt Boulivard,Wensday is 2 for 1 on all clothes,lots of wool( Hudson's Bay Blanket,Pendilton wool shirt total $5).Good Saturday flea market Northside,on Azalia a mile past end of Chamberlyn bus , Sunday Bellwood Flea on JD at Willis Rd.,best outside coffee is Crossroads over on Morris near VCU .Best busking area Carytown,best spang Belvidere and Broad. Best non-veg breakfast McClean's on Broad.Dumpstering all over the Fan,students are wasteful
    Fuck those kids indeed.

    Long trip home but I'm here. Where are you guys these days? Still headed to BFD?
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