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    Back in Slab City, it's great even during the summer.

    Back in Slab City, it's great even during the summer.
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    Return to Pemako

    Farmers and land owners probably won't be too happy to find you crossing their land, and most probably won't speak English, so I'd be careful. Hope it doesn't turn into a sequel to "into the wild" sounds like a fun trip, though I imagine you will find some real hardships and probably alter your...
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    bow v.s. cross bow

    I would think that an arrow would have more mass thus more kinetic energy so would hit harder then a bolt.
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    Slab City! a.k.a. Niland, CA

    yeah, bring a tent if you want one, it rarely rains though and you can sleep outside with no roof probably more comfortable then in a tent (and you can see your surroundings at night). Be able to feed yourself and provide your own alcohol or tobacco or whatever, there is a 1 dollar bus ride that...
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    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    You sound like you just need to find you a familiar place that you love to stay for a couple months out of the year.
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    sustaining health while being vegan/veg

    yeah, I've found people that speak to their teeth (or through their teeth) to be quite reliable scientifically speaking.
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    sustaining health while being vegan/veg

    can't go wrong with beans and rice, but seriously if you are having trouble finding veggies all you have to do is dumpster dive. I get decently fresh bagged salads, fruits and other vegetables almost daily in a dumpster near the park I'm living in. If you are having trouble getting enough food...
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    anyone out there?

    Hey, you be safe, welcome to the board. Don't just look for anyone leaving out of where you are. If you are in a decent position right now take your time finding your traveling people, they will come.
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    Freedom loving capitalists angry they have to pay for rainwater

    They've been chopping up peoples edible gardens too.
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    Heading back to the slabs on the 10th of August.

    Heading back to the slabs on the 10th of August.
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    Guy from MN

    lol, read this when he first posted it, It was obviously a bit awkward, but the "I like rocks" part had me. Some of us are just socially awkard, which is probably the case with him. Best of luck to you in your travels man, welcome to the board.
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    Electro Gypsy, The name says it all

    Yeah agreed, expect roughly a 95% ratio of douchebags. 20% will seem cool but you will later find out they are douchebags too. Good luck in your travels.
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    People who beat their dogs

    Have to be very careful getting into fights with people who live the lifestyles some of us may live. You never know what diseases that guy kicking his dog might have, and you might get from getting his face and your knuckles bloody or vice versa, I'm just saying...
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    DIY Kicking Heroin

    google iboga/ibogaine
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    People who beat their dogs

    Meh, I've come across people that beat their dogs, but for everyone one like him there are a million other dogs getting beat somewhere else. There is nothing you can really do. It's their dog, though they treat it like I've realized I can only give my dog the best life him and myself can...

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