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  • Hey Man..whats up..hows the West coast treating you these days? ill be rolling in there around lat Aug Sept.
    just because i say sorry and out like this..
    does not mean im canadian. I just watched too much nickelodeon as a kid.
    PM me about the specifics. I am home based in MPLS for one more month while working construction. I know this area like the back of my hand.
    how was hitichin through the south, im about to do the same thing but backwards
    how're u? i'm located in san diego currently. national city to be exact. It kinda sux around here. The bnsf rolls thru here tho, i know nothing about trains, but i wanna travel by them. So ima hang out in the yard, watch 'em roll thru, learn their behavior, etc. Where are you laying ur head right now? Sorry to hear about yer shrt!!
    We have blackout curtains for every room during the nights. We're on the rear of the building and the whole lot is fenced off, so the only risk of being seen during the day is by folks coming through to check the property. We work our asses off to be stealthy on entry and exit.. (which is hard with a 2 year old living with us.)

    They left the power on in the building (to keep it from being stripped for copper) No running water.. But we're setting up collection next week if all goes well.
    Australian Shepherds can get big, but they range in size from small ones that are sometimes called miniature Australian Shepherds at about 30lbs to big 70-80lb ones. Mine is very big but that might have something to do with the fact that his mama was a 140lb Newfoundland. Yeah they usually make great travel buddies because they want to be with their person all the time and they can be quite protective of both their person and gear.
    Yeah yall definitely should of put that dog to work hauling stuff, a Great Dane is like having your own small pack donkey! I would have loved to know where to find one of those harnesses, my dogs a Newfoundland/Australian Shepherd mix. Fortunately he didn't take after his mama and get as big as a Newfoundland but he's sure not small.
    any thoughts on your plans these days? im getting pretty pumped to be back on the road!
    im leaving Toronto, April 18th, day after the last commitment i have here, so...
    hmm, well im just heading east for the hell of it,(probably just do a day or 2 or 3 hitching around halifax and pei). then i figured id be heading west around end of april/beginning of may, if your interested we could travel west to bc together. cant say whether or not id want to go south right away? but bc IS a good place to get to the states from. especailly trainhoppable states, i think

    let me know what you think.
    haha ya man was postin some shiat on facebbok and figured what the heack...hey man do you want to be interwied over the phone with us for this film project. There is a film studend from out west who is working on a canadian train hopping thing..if you want in we can do a confrince call...I think we can even call you so your not stuck paying long distence.....lemeknow
    Yep, that picture was taken last July just north of Vancouver at a siding.
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