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  • Great music selection. Looks like we've got a lot in common, in general. Welcome to the board?
    yea i know exactly what you mean,
    but i don't even care if it'll be rough, i'll have a big ol' smile on my face the whole time.
    'cas this is something that i want to do, something i know i need to experience.
    thinknig about savin up for a canon rebel, only those are ungodly exspensive,
    but i'd be able to get so many good photos, but a camera would do regardless,
    i had one, but it got stolen,
    so it's one of the many things i need to get before i leave.

    i gata' myspace,
    suburbs of tampa, shitty shitty area, ft. myers for a couple of weeks i think and theni'm s'posed to be heading up to iowa in august, and then after that, headed to cali. and i don't know, it's just something i've wanted to do for awhile. sense of adventure i s'pose.

    whatta' bout yourself?
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