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    Anyone been to the Sinai?

    Yes, is there another SInai?
  2. Archon Haz

    Anyone been to the Sinai?

    Hey guys, Vizion here. I'm thinking of hitting Sinai in a month or two, anyone been there? Have stories/advise to share?
  3. Archon Haz

    Would you find a "no hard drugs" sign to be discriminatory?

    Seems totaly legit to me, I would be more inclined to camp somewhere if there weren't any Junkies or Tweakers (without going in to the difrence of use and abuse). I mean, in the Slabs - whictch is a fairly open minded place - the internet cafe is pretty blunt about no tweeking, never heard...
  4. Archon Haz

    long distance bus, what to expect

    Well I was speaking specifically about the Greyhound, can't tell you about anything else really. And in speaking to people that have travled Greyhound for years, it really is an issue if you get caught. Met this older black lady, said they didn't let her on the bus because she SMELLED like...
  5. Archon Haz

    long distance bus, what to expect

    No weapons or pets on the busses, but I've never had any trouble if my Knife was out of sight. They are pretty strict about alcohol (actualy saw someone get caught once and he had to throw out a case of beer) and have heard horror stories of people getting left on the side of the interstate just...
  6. Archon Haz

    long distance bus, what to expect

    If you are taking Greyhound, they aren't neerly as bad as people make them out to be, but they aren't a party either. The stops are about 2:30 - 3 hours in between, and they last for about 10-30 mins. The chairs are pretty big, unless you sit next to someone huge. However, if you get on and...
  7. Archon Haz


    Hey people! It's Vision and Carley from the Jambo - and we need to get to Hawaii cheep. Anyone have any idea how to go about it? THe flights seem to be super expensive. We are basically up for anything.. If you know any helpful info hit me up. - Vizion,
  8. Archon Haz

    That Canadian kid from the Jamboree!

    What's up dude! would love to see your pics! Hopefully we can meet at some point, we didn't hang enough at the Jambo! Would love to hear some advise about travling Europe. Stay safe! - Vizion
  9. Archon Haz

    For Everyone that was at the Jambo

    I may have came off agro or stressed about it or something, but I'm really not, if you accidently share a pic of me I'm not going to get worked up about it. I wouldjust rather see pic of me before they get shared.
  10. Archon Haz

    For Everyone that was at the Jambo

    Hey guys, if anyone is wandering, I was that crazy Israeli kid Vizion. Anyone is welcome to message me to chat or try to meet up at some point. Another thing is that I would like to get any and all Pics and Vids of me, preferably unedited. Anyone is welcome to use Pics and Vids of me, but if...
  11. Archon Haz

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    @Matt Derrick It's all good.
  12. Archon Haz

    How can I squat without being killed, raped, murdered, or arrested?

    Im totally new to Vagabonding, but the way I see it. During the day you get to a cit, you wal to the outskirts and find a secluded place thats VERY not visible. Crash there at night, making sure you are not followed
  13. Archon Haz

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    I'll definitely be there, but problem is I have no phone. I don't know has SD is layedd out, will you be passing through the city? If you want to tell me where to meet you, then I can plan to be there ahead.
  14. Archon Haz

    Good friend no longer wanting to live, not sure what I'm supposed to do?

    Withhold his gun, I slit my wrists a year ago. 12 months later Im glad Im alive (finding this sight and bein inspired to save up and head out to the rode helped) . As far as the courts go, they are super sexist, you never get in any altercation with a woman - or she will destroy you in court...
  15. Archon Haz

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    Hey, I should be in San Diego in a week, if anyone can pick me up from there/ Just wants to meet and make our combined way to the Jambo that would be great.

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