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    saw you posting somewhere about a sunshine coast commune in b.c. -- i'm 95% sure that's no longer running.
    saw you posting somewhere about a sunshine coast commune in b.c. -- i'm 95% sure that's no longer running.
    well shit fancy that. lol yeah im gonna be headin back to oregon this summer and gonna be tryin 2 do the same thing. shit might go through whitefish and then we'll have 2 kick it.
    shit im doin good fuckin back on the east coast about 2 head back 2wards oregon and maybe find some farm work or somethin. how bout u? still in whitefish?
    sorry it took so long for me to get back to you I'm a space case

    i have no idea if there's still a commune on the sunshine coast or if there ever was. I have heard rumours of something out there but i find in those places you're always bound to hear some story of a cult or commune or something on top of a mountain where everyone lives in utopia. Ain't seen it yet myself though.
    it was a cool spot, if your ever in redding, right before you cross the bride you walk down along the river and theres camp spots all over
    naw, it was along a river in redding california where me and some friends met up
    So glad to hear you're out. I'm working on finding you an address down here. What'd they sentence you with? Gimmie a call @ 916 626-2334
    Yeah I'm stuck in Kalispell Montana. me and acorn caught a felony and are on probation but she got to go back to california. I'm not so lucky
    Yo where are you nowadays? I'm near NYC, it freaking BLOWS here, but I'll be dropped off in LA after January and terrorizing the west coast after that. I actually need to call those girls in Eugene... I might be getting a car!
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