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    we might try to go this yr, i think im still banned cuz i got punched or some in austin right now headin towards montreal in like 9 days......then who knows.......maybe ill see ya travels!
    oi, ur avatar photo is totally fuckin garbage crew(or recycling) at KFF, whats good kid??ive had my share of fun at that fest....just givin props
    jeez, word gets around quick. yeah I'm based outta Portland right now but going on a lot of short trips. I was just about to ask if you were with roy but AS I WAS TYPING THIS he gave me a call and I think I could hear you in the background haha
    hey how've you been? funny I didn't recognize you till I saw the shit you wrote about bill.
    hi ! I've only gone between Gainesville and Tallahassee & I would say Gville might be your best bet,everyone's generally friendly (at least to me) and it doesn't seem hard to find a place to stay/get food/etc.Easier to get around than Tallahassee too..!
    Nah dude, i'm like, a really good fighter. I can kick super hard and whatnot. If you're seeing him regularly, tell him to watch his back.

    i have dine a bunch of graffiti but i havent done anything on a train for a long time id be surprised if it was still around
    in north caralina me and my road dogs were on the train and it started raining bad so we look over and see a camp fire so we were like please stop and the train did so we went over there and drank hella beer and chilled with them for a couple days
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