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  • Yo just lettin you know your avatar is the shit, made me bust out laughing in the library lol
    Where are you trying to go? I've never cought outta selkirk but i hear its huge and really hard to get around in. If you can get to i think its schenectady you can catch a train down to binghamton and it's really chill but the yard is really far from everything. thats probably not much help but yeah.
    Nice, nice. When you planning on catching out, and where? I think selkirk is the biggest yard around ya. I gotta finish school, and then I can get going. I'm actually thinking I might try boathitching the Erie Canal, riding the shit to buffalo, and hopping out from that yard, west. Got a million ideas.
    Seems like we might do well on the road as dogs, gotta keep in touch
    Aw hell man, I'm looking to go everywhere. I'd like to just ride every rail in N. America, from mexico to canada. I'm heading out and going whereever for a year, and then coming back to meet up with one of my best friends, he's looking to get into logging out in Washington/BC/Alaska, so I guess thats where we're headed. And eventually, I wanna go international. Thats the loose plan for now.
    What about you?
    hey where you at in Upstate NY? I live outside of Rome and will be leaving in about a year, looking for a rider
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