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    So, whose into anarchism/permaculture/primitive skills/anarchism/fermentation...

    I don't like it because it makes me feel like crap, especially the morning after eating salted food since I'm not used to it. It's like a hangover. So I'm not anti-salt or anything, I'm just personally not into it. In theory, sauerkraut doesn't sound so bad but I've only tried it once or...
  2. anne

    So, whose into anarchism/permaculture/primitive skills/anarchism/fermentation...

    I'm into most things relating to sustainable living and self-sufficiency. I have at least a general interest in most of the things mentioned here, except fermentation because I don't eat/drink/buy salt, milk, alcohol, grains or refined sugar. Although, eventually I might like to learn how to...
  3. anne

    living off grid in a box truck

    Cool, thanks for the link. :)
  4. anne

    Open farm tech

    Those people are awesome. Especially since they made that tractor thing with interchangeable parts so it can do pretty much every job.
  5. anne

    do you vote?

    I never thought I'd say this, but I don't plan to vote ever again. On my 18th birthday, the first thing I did was register because I thought it mattered. I can't even begin to tell you guys how disappointed I am now that I understand how all of this works.
  6. anne

    our bus PD4501 yea

    That's really nice!
  7. anne

    high tech homeless

    Those are some good points. Thanks for sharing! :)
  8. anne

    living off grid in a box truck

    Yeah, I've read about people with power systems like that. I found some land that I really like in Nevada with a small creek but I wonder if it would be too slow to work. If we move there, I'm sure we'll at least give it a try.
  9. anne

    high tech homeless

    Oh man, that's rough. :( I want to keep a low profile whenever I can to avoid all interactions with the police.
  10. anne

    Deodorant Alternatives

    Yeah, baking soda works great as deodorant. Wash and dry your pits then dust on a little dry baking soda with a makeup brush. Sometimes I mix it with corn starch which makes the powder feel smoother but doesn't last as long. Baking soda on its own can last for several days without reapplying.
  11. anne

    Destination: Unknown

    Good luck, Dav.
  12. anne

    Anti-Civ discussion

    The only things that really matter are sustainability and quality of life, whether we rebuild a civilized way of life or revert back into hunter-gatherers or both after the crash. I just hope it's not more of the same and that the change comes soon.
  13. anne

    living off grid in a box truck

    Furniture is installed! Two months to go before we'll move in. :-)
  14. anne

    living off grid in a box truck

    Yeah, Ypsi is not a bad place to be. Free wi-fi almost everywhere, close enough to get to everything in A2 by moped but half the price.
  15. anne

    DMT(and other hallucinogenic drugs)

    I've bought Mimosa hostilis root bark incense online and everything else one would need to extract DMT tends to be cheap/locally available, if they were so inclined. (I'm not admitting that I make it and/or plan to sell it but just out of curiosity...) For those of you who have it available...

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