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  • That's hilarious!!!

    (I'm not admitting that I make it and/or plan to sell it but just out of curiosity...) For those of you who have it available in your area, how much DMT does a person get for what price? (and in what form?)
    hey dude, I´m really sorry about the misunderstanding, that would really suck to think someone just totally disregarded your ideas to the point of wanting your thread deleted, it didn´t occur to me that it could be taken that way at all. I just didn´t want to clog the thread and was hoping one of the mods would delete my entry since you can´t do that yourself. Obviously not a waste of a thread, since there´ve been so many considerate answers, I just don´t think mine offers much to the discourse. Carry on!
    That truck looks sick! John Steinbeck did the same sort of thing in his book Travels With Charlie buuuuuuuut i'll bet it didn't look half so cool!
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