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  • If you are still coming to the slabs, I could use a ride. I'll fly a sign, and have a valid license. My number is 503-510-6130. You can call or text. Or send me a pm, and I'll get it on my phone.
    Got you r note, wehere at on the west sdai eare ya lately. I am thriving in my current 'affair' and I also have a gig thats starts soon...ANMD, my original plans to move to Eugene are back on. My 'bf' thinks that I am not PDX material anymore, and ya know what, I have to agree. I really woulfd rather be in Euge...And he said he woudl take th e bus down every other wekend, till he gets a car. AWwww what a guy aye...I'll give oyu a call in a few days. Between school and work and my man, I have about aN HOUR ON MONDAY MORNINGS FOR PERSONAL SHIT..tALK TO YA THEN...
    long time no chat. where u chilllin' ur boots these dayz?
    thanks , I'll take a look at it later on. Knees are still sore from all the hikin' in and out of the site...Such is life aye, lol...Thank for the link...
    Aw nice. I want an Australian shepard. I seen one at the pet store a while back and it was really cute.. and would make a good traveling dog eh. I didn't think they got very big though. He probably wouldn't be lugging much baggage. hah
    The dog belonged to the girl I was traveling with. She had it before we met up so I'm not sure where she found it but it was pretty nice to have. Helped keep control of such a huge dog. I still think we should have put the dog to work carrying some of out stuff. haha
    righteeO, talk to ya when I talk to ya.. Stay warm, drink lots.... oh of water, drink lots of water, yeah...And safe journeys.
    Kool, that's not an area of Orygun that I am all that familiar with. BUT, maybe you can be sure to take notes of parking friendly areas, and pass them on to me in a PM...A few girl and mom friendly locals 'round yonder therr, that you have found. We are determined to go on more three and four day trips in Ore. I want to go to Bend and Sisters. I want ot learn the southern coast line. Maybe Prineville in the fall, after it cools out there. And of course, Ashland this summer and lots of trips to and around Eugene...Anything you can think of that might be fairly inexpensive but at least worth the possible fees. Have you ever been to Vortex? Near Eugene? My Great Grand Father, John Litster, discovered a magnetic field there.Bought the land rights and built an old timey tourist trap...I haven't been since I was 2, but worth the giggle at least...
    Thanks again, you rock. I'll pass this on to her, she'll appreciate it...Woohoo hey hows your ankle/foot/leg that you fucked up, any better? Macks was by here the other day to sew up his banjo case and pass on his old punk rock vest ti Bolt... Where you at these last couple days.
    haha okay then feel better. if you run into an asshole named Tex tell him i said hi. he should still be around there.
    He was very happy. Grateful, I'd say...Injury? Que? What ever did you do this time? God tell me it wasn't a fiddle and booze incident...Although, that would make for a great giggle huh...Did you like Eugene? I love it there. SO ithchin' to live there...My inner hippy begs to stay every time I have to leave U-ge..Drive careful, and heads up there is snow in them that hills. Le me know how the drive through Shasta went...Safe Journeys Angela.
    haha mines exactly the same. i really hate waking up though. ive always wished that icould sut go off of 2 or 3 hours sleep every day perfecty. i did for awhile, but then spent 1 wholeday sleeping at the end of the week, which wasnt so bad actually. anywho if your off then goodnight and sweet dreams and whatnot
    thats good to know. i really don't want to get anyone in trouble during my travels. it'd be like some sort of twisted johnny appleseed, fucking up peoples lives wherever they go. what are you doing up so late? that is if its 4 or 5 oclock wherever you are too
    haha yeah, i really like stp so i would be really bummed to already get off on a fucked foot. but, yeah im horrible with names too. my memory been pretty much shit since i slowed down on drinking. but yeah its nice to meet you then!
    would it still be illegal if you just drove them to the border. dropped them off, they walked across. then you picked them up later on?
    nah that wasnt me haha, never had a bike, im gettin one soon though hopefully. but yeah that could be quite an unfun law tobreak
    Dime got his bag...That sounded funny, anyhow, I met up with him in down town PDX, he was thrilled with it.I also threw in a few Depot goodies for him to use...So, Mission: Accomplished...(Oh and VooDoo Donuts is the bomb baby, especially their vegan selections, yummy.)
    I haven't heard anything about the square dance tonight, asked a few people but didn't get any info.. guess they didnt advertise much! Anyway - have fun if you're still going
    yeah my dog just doesnt care unless another dog tries to hump her haha she's a rott/golden retriever mix. total doof, and has an odd facination with bark.
    well they allways think they're puppies haha mines a year and a half but she's a total puppy at heart.
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