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  • yup untill i got arrested a few days ago from some bunk ass shit from nor cal so im bouncin the fuck outta here headed east woot!
    hey have we met befor or are you going around doing the myspace friends request thing..
    Hey, actually i just got back to New England i was down in nola, FL, GA, for a couple months, but I'm kicking it here for a bit sorry.
    Your no worse at running life than me or noone else. Yeah it's kinda shitty. Isn't going great with family either, not so sure it was the best decision in the world, but I gotta live with it. But I'll be down to kick it whenever you get here as long as it's before I'm free from the grip of the law and leaving to wherever I feel like going one day when I wake up randomly. Do you know anyone else around here?
    My "parole" hearing of sorts is June 10th, but I'm hoping that I'll get off early since I've been at AA per my parents request, finishing all the required shit with a month, and I'll be passing my drug tests. But as soon as it's over I'm looking to get out. I'm working a full time job while I'm putting up with it (which the courts also like cause it shows I'm staying sober since I'm at work at 6:45 AM) so I'll have some money to get by or probably blow on King Cobra and cigarettes. How long do you think you'll be in Ohio?
    Yeah I just got back there actually. I'll be around fer a little bit, decided to deal with the court shit fer now and try n have an actual family relationship if thats possible, but I'll be here fer a little bit. When are yah comming through?
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