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    Trying to get out to california.

    Hello All, I am looking to get a ride out to Vista California. I have a little over a hundred dollars in Colorado food stamps so I can contribute soem food for the trip.
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    Wanted: Rubber Treaders

    I can deal with that.
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    sucking dicks for money?

    Ok can we stop clarifying that we are not gay. To clarify that is insinuating that there is something wrong with being Gay Bisexual Lesbian or Transgender
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    Wanted: Rubber Treaders

    I will go wherever the people who will have me go. I personally want to make this as random as possible to see where the wind blows me.
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    Wanted: Rubber Treaders

    I am looking to start whenever anyone decides to pass through Denver.
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    Wanted: Rubber Treaders

    Hello, My name is Andrew Boddy. I am a 22 year old revolutionary, activist, social justice advocate, and poet. I can not drive. However I have good mechanics skills and a few good poems to share. In exchange I want to travel with people who do it soccer mom van style. I have recently...

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