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  • get your ass back to foco
    the world has gone completely to shit
    youll love it
    where you at now
    Sweet man, well I'm in boise near eastern oregon but I know some sweet stuff around here. So when you head this way you should hit me up or something. Where are you headed after this area?
    Aw that sucks, I'm trying to get a canon rebel.
    When do you plan on heading up that way? Are you planning on going through Idaho or eastern Oregon at all?
    What kind of camera did you have? I'm working on getting a dslr of my own, I usually just borrow one.
    You made a post about going to seattle and oregon right? If your still there or on your way I know of a few sweet abandoned places out there I could give you directions to if you want.
    I work at buffalo wild wings. its a sports bar. not sure how it'll hold up in the winter on account of not having a car. I miss the west coast. and the west coast drugs
    I told him I would be back in a few days on account I was going to see my mom and a few friends.
    I'm in Indiana right now....wit a jay O BEE
    Dude that girlfriend of Peppers told me you left after three days of me being gone. Thats why I never came back , : (
    yo!!! good to hear from you. me and mamas are doing pretty good. trying to keep our heads above water. where you at these days?
    Hey do you do graff with this name? I saw a pretty sweet piece on a train in OR that said Amish... And I was trippin, and have amish heritage so I was intrigued. Saw your name on here and wondered.

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