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    Hello everyone, my name is Paul

    Officially you don't have to bring proof of having sufficient funding or anything. If you are unemployed and not a student they might question this. But they never wanted me to bring any proof and I have had an ESTA and currently have a B1/B2 visa for which I had an interview but they only...
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    Hitchhiking in the Cold Also one of the greatest blogs on various hitchhiking techniques
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    Hitchhiking with facial hair

    My personal opinion, and experience. I try to avoid having any beard whilst hitchhiking through North America. In Europe I can get by with a short beard. In my case with a beard I look like I'm about to hijack a plane. Without it I look like a 16yo collage student. I guess to sum it up it...
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    Nicaragua Border

    You can easily cross from Nicaragua to Mexico all borders without a passport, crossing into Mexico from the US I didn't get my passport stamped and when exiting Mexico on the Border with Guatemala I got a piece of paper saying I was illegal and got an exit stamp without having to pay the usual...
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    Squat Across Europe Summer Media Project Idea. Need Your Advice

    Check out Bikewarz, it's in Utrecht in the Netherlands, actually just outside of Utrecht towards De bild, Wednesdays at 7 is donation vegan dinner (beer for 1eur), there's another smaller squat in Utrecht, forgot the name and location. and ADM in Amsterdam (biggest one in NL) and Ruigoord is an...
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    Foreigner in US

    On an ESTA you can stay for 90days, on a B1/B2 you can stay 180 days. Alaska and Canada is awesome for hitchhiking. Just stay warm!
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    not yet, I've only seen my laptop and all the Vitamin Ts, also the canyon, and the tacos around the corner
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    wow! thank you! It's my dream to write a book, more likely a photobook
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    Im a lotta tequila drunk too, why I was affriad? Let me try to explain it, I'm a little white European boy, who thought walking across tent city in Portland or the Bronx made him a tough guy. Two months ago I was riding my bike thought-out The Netherlands (what used to be my home) where, if...
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    thank you ! viva Mexico! thank you ! I snapped that selfie thinking "fuck it, we're rolling the last mile into guadalajara, I need a memory" it is quite a sight watching the north-bounds being full, not only ridable cars.. also looking ahead and seeing tons of people surfing grainers thank you...
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    Photos sometimes it gets hard, mentally

    WOW! Thank you so much! I am super happy, excited and motivated to write more now!
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    Photos sometimes it gets hard, mentally

    We worked as trash pirates at the Joshua Tree Music Festival, we had a butt recycle program, of course we took some of the nice butts for smoking but mostly we were separating the trash away, so like spliffs and hand rolls without filters. The cigarette butts are later sent to NJ and they become...
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    Riding La Bestia As I was walking down from El Centro after being dropped off there the night before by Frank who swore he saw me with my friend Forrest hitchhiking at the i-8 on-ramp next to the In-n-Out three years ago, I get picked up by a lovely woman that drives me into Mexicali, feeds me...
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    Photos sometimes it gets hard, mentally

    We all know those days, the miserable ones. And we all know those people that just have to give you shit for your lifestyle. Here's my story, what happened while I was hitchhiking across the US and Canada. One day you wake up with your regular three I-smoked-too-much-last-night coughs on a...
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    Photos My way North (NY-Alaska)

    Thank you all for the comments!! I will find a place to crash for a week in SoCal to edit the videos and write some more!