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    Best jeans for travel

    Dickies! They hold up really well. I wear them when I skate, and they hold up really well. Sometimes, they can be hard to find in smaller sizes though in the store for whatever reason. so if you were a 28 or a 30, you will have more luck ordering least that's my experience
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    Weirdest thing you carry

    hmmm this is actually a hard one. I'd probably have to say a key ring with about 25-30 keys from some abandoned houses I've been to.
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    Craziest places you've slept for the night?

    It was downtown Pittsburgh. I was tired as hell and after walking AT LEAST 13 miles, I came across this nice running/bike path along the river, and there I found a kayak rental place. Stole a tarp and layed it down in the middle of the bike path. Got in my sleeping bag and fell asleep haha
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    I'm not new anymore but...

    welcome back my dude. haven't been on here forever either. Good to hear from you again.
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    I got kicked out of school that's whyI'm homeschooled. I think that's why it's really hard, becuase I used to be In regular school at one point.
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    Anyone else on here in high school? Specifically Homeschool? I feel like not having to worry about all that school and law shit would be a lot easier for me to go out and travel, but I don't know?...I'm just sorta talking to myself becuase I don't have friends to discuss random shit with. Oh...
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    Stealing...For fun, or necessity?

    I used to steal for fun a lot. I would go with friends to all sorts of stores. Luckily I never got caught with anything, although one time we did get caught for vandalizing the store- which is a story for another time. But it really wasn't all that fun. Like the first 10 or so times it was that...
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    Recommended Brands for Packs

    I have a Molle II fieldpack. It's pretty big (because of the frame) so it's not super optimal for train hopping, but it works its not like you can't train hop with it, and it will last you forever. And mine was only $45.
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    Thinking about buying a van

    thank you so much! I will keep that all in mind when I look for a van. Hmm I am pretty handy (and so if my boyfriend, whose traveling with me), but now I worry if we do get a VW and fix it up, it will break down or something and we will go broke trying to fix it. So I will have to keep that in mind.
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    Thinking about buying a van

    So my original plan was to just hop trains and hitch rides, which is good and all, but I started thinking about maybe taking a van instead. So I have a few questions.. Van reccomendations? (I was thinking like either a service van or an old VW bus. I want to rip the seats out and put in a bed...
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    What Do You Sleep in?

    I have a sleeping bag I think it goes down to somewhere between 20 and 0 degrees (I got it from goodwill and could never figure out the temp rating so I just kept sleeping outside with it on really cold nights, hasn' failed me yet). I have a hammock and an 8x10 tarp
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    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    One full change of clothes (in the pack, I'm wearing one set of clothes obviously haha), one thermal, shorts, wind breaker, coat, 4 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, and boots
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    Someone hear me out

    Damn I guess it's been a while since I saw this thread. So much has changed. I've strayed a bit from clarinet and got super into guitar actually!, but I still do play the clarinet in occasion. I ended up getting hospitalized and put in intensive outpatient, but that was a while ago and now I'm...
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    Headed for the Slabs

    hey guys. So I'm headed for the slabs this December over Christmas break. I've been doing research and all just trying to prepare the best I can. For all of you that have been there if you have any important things to know or any advice, let me know. This will be my first time heading out west!
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    Education Vs. Travel?

    Hey I feel for ya. I am sort of in the same boat as far as wanting to get out of here, but can't until I finish high school. I am a senior, though, so my time is coming to a close a lot sooner than yours. My advice: stick it out. High school can be a a bitch, but it's manageable. Running away at...