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  • i just got back to the west coast, im havin a kid n shit, gonna be legit for a while

    howve you been dude? how did you n shine turn out hahaha

    sorry for the sarcasm.

    anyhows, where are you kids at these days and how the fuck ya been?

    pdx was a blast last year lol
    Hi it s nice to meet you Abbie,

    I am new to this site. I saw your post about traveling. Your advice was "just go". That is a very brave statement. Can i friend you on facebook in hopes of chatting with you when you are online about traveling. I wish to learn from your experiences. I have known people who have successfully traveled with nothing for an extended amount of time. Learning how to do this would be awesome.

    I went to your profile because you looked familiar but I think it's someone else.
    But I wanted to say I really like your "about me" thing on here. it's pretty much the opposite of who I am right now but certainly an outlook I'm trying to adopt.
    and anyway, hi.
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